la chica de china!

Hay! I´m Zusi (Im trying a knew nickname for myself) from Sweden and I´ve just been asked to be a godmother! It´s my aunt and her husband who are going to adopted a little china girl, witch they will name Ronja!
I´m quite young, Seventeen, I´m a bit nervous too. Though, Im really happy, I sometimes wonder if the child will like me or not. Im not to good with small babies you see.
Is there someone else in this community who also are a godparent to a adoptedchild? Or for that mather have a good conection to China? I´ve really want to learn more about china...

Hugs Zusi
bumstead, chris


Godmother, Godfather, or Parent? Godfather
Name: Chris
Age: 57
Your location: UK
How long have you been a parent/godparent? My god-daughter was 1 year old when I gladly accepted the challenge, and she will be 8 years old in September.
What age were you when you first became a parent/godparent? Sorry, talked too much - this is not my first act of being a godparent; but the first time around I was too young to take it seriously.
Name(s) of your child/godchild/godchildren: Sarah-Louise
Age(s): 7
Favorite part about being a parent/godparent? Being an independent "grown-up" friend that can share secrets that can't be shared with parents etc.

That's the introduction - Hi.

I have two concerns (three if you count any "acess" problems, but I'm sure you have already discussed this.

Concern 1 : I was christened in the anglican church, went through communion etc., and became totally disillusioned with organised religions after much soul-searching stuff. I now refer to myself as an atheist, but a mild & tolerant one (not an activist!).
Sarah-Louise's parents knew this but asked me all the same because, they said, "I uphold all the christian values" - her parents incidentally are not religious, and SL has never had a formal christening.
Religion is very strong at SL's school, and she is always singing songs about Jesus, and I was wondering about taking her to church communion service soon - or should I just leave well enough alone - I thought it might at least give her a taste of what it's all about, then she can make up her own mind - she usually does!

Concern 2 seems silly now that I am writing, but, if you'll let me, I'll come back to it at a later date.

thanks for listening, chris
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This is Probably Going to Sound a Bit Odd, But...

I've heard that when people get older and choose to be baptised, that sometimes they choose Godparents for themselves. Do you know of anyone who's done this? I'm planning to join the Methodist Church in the near future, and that requires a baptism (of me of course *g*), and the church does accept Godparents/sponsers...any thoughts/advice on this?
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Newbie Here

Godmother, Godfather, or Parent? Godmother
Name: Angela
Age: 25
Your location: Central Illinois
How long have you been a parent/godparent? Well...technically my best friend asked me to be her daughter's godmother when she was only a couple months pregnant. So...almost a year.
What age were you when you first became a parent/godparent? 24
Name(s) of your child/godchild/godchildren: Rylee
Age(s): 5 months
Favorite part about being a parent/godparent? Everything. I love that little girl like she was my own. She's the baby in my icon!
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Larry Paul

I hope this still makes me a Godparent...

In September of this year, one of my best friends became pregnant. Let's just say her name is Nancy. Nancy was only 17 at the time (she turned 18 in November). When she found out she was pregnant and wanted to keep it at the time, Nancy said she wanted me to be the Godmother. I was so flattered and honored. Sadly, she elected to get an abortion because her boyfriend refused to be there for her. So for only a few weeks, I was technically a soon-to-be Godmother, but in my eyes, the baby was already alive even though it wasn't born. Nancy's baby was only at the 9th week of development. So I still think of myself as a Godmother even though Nancy's baby was never born? Is that okay? Am I weird for thinking about this? Nancy and I are still best friends, of course. We don't talk about the abortion. She does regret getting one, though. But yeah, I sort of feel funny for considering myself a Godmother. I just say to myself "once a Godmother, always a Godmother."
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First post, since it seems like a worthy community

Godmother, Godfather, or Parent?: Godmama.
Name: Call me paxluvfelicitas. Or Ishmael. Whichever.
Your location: Houston
How long have you been a parent/godparent? 5 years
What age were you when you first became a parent/godparent? 12 (our family ran out of eligible female relatives. There are worse reasons.)
Name(s) of your child/godchild/godchildren: John Michael.
Age(s): 5
Favorite part about being a parent/godparent?: Hmm... So far, it would have to be showing his picture off to friedns, relatives, random passers-by... I (sadly) don't live near my godson, so I haven't had much opportunity to work with hi on god-parent-y stuff, though I'm trying to pick a college close to him so that when he does hit the age of reason, I can be there to help with his confirmation etc.
Rublev Trinity


Godmother or Godfather? father, who just went through the process of choosing godparents for our son's baptism on Oct. 9th
Name: Geoff
Age: 27
How long have you been a godparent? N/A
What age were you when you first became a godparent? N/A
Name of your godchild/godchildren: Son's name is Gabriel
Age(s): 2 months
Favorite part about being a godparent? N/A

First post

Welcome to _godparents! I hope this community gets a great start.

The info about me...

Godmother or Godfather? Godmother (to-be).
Name: Katie.
Age: 21.
How long have you been a godparent? I will become one on 6 November 2005.
What age were you when you first became a godparent? 21.
Name of your godchild/godchildren: Ava.
Age(s): She is currently almost 3 months.
Favorite part about being a godparent? I don't know yet! I just know I feel flattered to have been asked.
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