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help please?

I have a prayer request. I have this Christian rock band with my brother, we call it The Ascension. I play the bass and my bro plays the drums. For a while things were going great with it. My best friend was our lead singer/guitarist and over the summer he was totally on fire for God. Well lately he has seems sort of distracted by worldly things and doesn't pay much attention to the band or even me and my bro as people anymore, he sort of just stopped coming to practice without an explanation and does not act the way he used to with us. I have no idea if the enemy is trying to distract us from our Godly purpose or if my friend is unsure about his standing with God or what, but it has hit me pretty hard. I will not give up on this band because i feel that God is telling me to use my talent for Him, but I was just wondering if you could pray for our band and my friend. I have been praying, but I know it can't hurt to ask for some back up!!!


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