November 24th, 2004

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good news

Do you want to know something? (Not that you have a choice, really, but anyway...)
I'm in my last year of school, and I've almost finshed my exams. ONE LEFT!

I didn't end up praying before my earlier exams, but I did before my later ones. For example, as I was walking to History I just asked God to help me be calm, and to have good essay topics. Then I thought to ask for my favourite topic wasn't really fair, so I prayed that there would be something in there that many would be able to do. Factions and favourites was in there. It happened to be the essay topic I'd prepared most for, and one that several other people were glad to see in there. The same sort of thing happened before my Classics and Schol Classics exams.

I'm so grateful. God is so much more than I realised Him to be. He's AWESOME. I love that I keep learning more about how fantastic He is!
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