October 6th, 2004

one for the money, two for the door, three to get ready, and four to go!

hey ya! haha. this has been great. GOd is doing sooooooo many good things in my life and at first I was blind to all of it. but i took the time to sit back and review what's going on and i've realized that wow! everything is going so great right now. that bump in the road is behind and all the bumps ahead are just seeming to flatten out.

I'm am way happy when I have God at the center of my life. kinda funny, huh? but it's been great this past week. no pissy moods. haha. feelin a little sick but God helps me through the day. it's just great.

May God bless you.

And people...JOIN THE COMMUNITY! haha. we want it to grow and be happy.