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WOW, its been a loonnng time. i'm not really all that great at managing groups, lol, as you could probably tell. i'll just give a little update:

i moved out of my house on august 24th to come to Temple University as a freshman. its really exciting, but a little tiring. my roommate is a sweetheart so thats always good. :-)

my faith has been tested to the max since i've been here. a bunch of "bad" things have been happening to discourage me and i really dont know how to deal with it.

i ask that you pray for me and my emotional stability here in school...without my parents, lol
and that you pray for my sister:
she has a disease called uveitus (sp) which is inflammation of the...eye. and she's had it for a few years now. i think its starting to break down her immune system...she went to the doctor and they told her that her white blood cell count was super low and that her immune system will barely be able to fight a common cold. this scares me. i dont know what i would do if something happened to my sister...and winter is coming around and she's so prone to sickness. so please, just pray for her. i dont know what i would do if something happened to her.

so whats been up with everyone else? sorry for being so absent...


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