The Marilyn Manson Porn Post

A wide selection of the sketchiest photos of Mr. Manson that I have been able to find!

-Fetish photos!
-Twiggy-humping photos!
-The feature from Hustler Magazine (no, it's not an interview)!

Whether you think you'll be drooling, or you're just here for the freak show, you know you want to...

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[fake cut to my journal]
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New to LJ!

Hey there everyone!!
I'm a HUGE manson fan...
I live with three housemates, and I'm sure they're probably sick of my stereo blasting away ALL THE TIME...
But I absolutely love his music, and think he is truly a genius.

I'm new to this community, so I just wanted to say hello to everyone!

I've been anxiously awaiting his site to finally be up and running again. It's been almost a year!!! I imagine it will coincide with the finalization of his new album and probably we'll see!!
His album was supposed to debut last spring, but I guess it keeps getting held up.

I can't wait for another tour to Canada...I'm crossing my fingers...
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Sexy Manson GIFs

Hello, I just made three GIFs of Marilyn with Twiggy and John5 doing some very naughty stuff onstage. I sent them to a friend and figured I might as well upload them for others too. They'll work for making icons of your own.

The folder is zipped and the file name is 'omg'. It's about 4.5 MB.
Not suitable for children... lol.


Enjoy! ;)
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