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Attention Please:

It is my unfortunate duty to bring across this news:
All entries must now be friends-only, including past entries. Members must post their full birthday on their user info, including the year, or otherwise clearly state that they are under the age of 18.
This is not a choice made by myself, but it has been again brought to my attention by the livejournal abuse team that there has been, well, abuse of my community. To assure that this particular problem will be taken care of, I'm making the community have a closed membership. Posts will be temporarily suspended. I'm sorry for any inconveniances, but it must be done. :\

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Hey everyone :) I hope everyone had a good evening. Ours was a lazy one. I have a few pictures to post. If you want to see more they are posted in our journal. I am going to get all of our old pics posted and then start posting newer ones. 'R' is sick today, poor guy :(. I made him take some day quil, nasty nasty stuff. Hopefully it will do the trick though. Hope everyone has a good day. Enjoy the pictures and remember comments are welcome. Let me know what pic is your fave :)
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[ . I n t r o d u c t i o n . ]
Name- Ashley
Age- 18
Location- Washington State
Sexual Preferance- Straight, but open-minded
Pictures- boyfriend keeps them on his computer, he probably wouldn't appreciate me posting.
Favorite Position- I just discovered a new one. Him on his back, my legs feet up by his face...kind of like an X. He does the work and it is amazing.
Least Favorite Position- Girl on top.
Age You Lost Your Virginity- 16
Number of Sexual Partners- 2
Number of Times You've Had Sex- I don't have any idea.
Masturbate?- Yes, maybe 3-5 times a week...
If so, with?- vibrator
Ever do it in front of someone?- yes
Did ya like it?- yes
How much do you love sex?- It's my very favorite thing to do.
Who are your favorite mods?- I don't know any mods personally...

some fun

Well i hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day! Ours went well, we stayed in and ate Thai food...yummmmm thai food. We had awesome sex last night but we forgot to take pics :( But let me tell yah it was oh so awesome. I do have pictures of other moments of awesomeness to post today. I apologize ahead of time for those who find it to be a long wait to see these pic, i personally think its worth the wait. We will be posting the pics directly to out journal when 'R' gets the time.
But anyway i hope you enjoy, and remember your comments make us so HOT!!
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living a lie?

am i living a lie? i think i might be. i might have to respectfully withdraw from "god i love sex". i mean, here it is, valentines day, and not only am i not having sex, but i'm drinking beers and watching ultimate fighting with my room mate. i dunno. i'm out.
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this weekend

Well...this weekend was a success in alot of ways. Friday night my girl and I hooked up with another couple. And Saturday night, we met a girl at Barnes and Noble we may hook up with as well, she is such a sweet girl, very attractive in alot of ways.

Here's a few pictures I havent shown yet. I hope all enjoy.

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