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Gnarkill - Kizzmon's Icon Journal. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Old Anime Icontest n Random Dump x 44 [3/20/08, 7 pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Now that I am 'back' I decided to just post all old icon contest entries and few other icons that just didn't fit anywhere. I'm sorry to make your friends page suffer (not that I post more than three teaser icons) ...lol. There's more coming. Haha.

And dude, I feel better already... I guess it was worth the try to get that flu shot... o_o;

[x] Various x 44 - meaning I was too lazy to cartgorize them!
^ mentioning Ouran Host..., Nana, TMM, Dnangel, One Piece, etc. ^

Choo choo to the random train!Collapse )

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San-x; Mamegoma x 15 [3/20/08, 2 am]

[ mood | sick ]

I have a flu so I don't have anything witty to say.

Cuteness.Collapse )

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South Park x 24 [3/18/08, 12 am]

[ mood | cold ]

Oh why do I suck so much...

I'm going down to South Park...Collapse )

Warning! Some icons are a bit questionable since well, it is South Park.

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Pimpage; my friends icon ljs! [2/24/08, 12 pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I know this is mean and I'm just using my community to gain your small attention, but please visit my friends icon communities.

fragitall a n d ljiconxchange


PS; Yeah, I'm back. Icons will appear more and more often now! :)

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Nana x 25 [2/17/08, 5 am]

[ mood | Awake ]

O HAY. Umm. I can't say I'm "back" but... all sudden I just made some icons. Enjoy. Though these are "old fashioned" since I haven't made icons for months and months and there's like tons of new styles, brushes and stuff... hehe... but no, it's me and my adored 3 hearts brush... :P

I feel oh so rusty right now.Collapse )

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Tokyo Mew Mew x 25 [9/25/06, 1 am]

[ mood | Calm ]

Not dead, just resting... icons now. Nothing special, just some simple ones.

Strawberry Ribbon... Lettuce! XDCollapse )

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Caps - Austin Powers in Goldmember, 484 caps [9/5/06, 2 am]

[ mood | Moody ]

Requested by sure_i_am at cap_it from my DVD list post!


Posted to cap_it

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Caps - Van Helsing: The Werewolf Trap Scene [8/31/06, 1 am]

[ mood | Dorky ]

Requested by aztec_jaguaress at cap_it from my DVD list post!


Posted to cap_it

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My DVD List. [8/30/06, 6 am]

[ mood | Sore ]

y0 kids. I posted my DVD list to cap_it sooo you can also go request screencaps if you want.


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Caps - Dead Leaves - Full Movie [8/28/06, 5 am]

[ mood | Frustrated ]

Oh you must hear how I got stuck with 32000 images! I tried to delete them for 2 hours. Hahaha. No, never mind. Newbies suck - specially me. But here's a hint; never ever eeeever use VirtualDub for capping unless you find the option first where you can set it to process only every 20th or so frame. Yesh... don't be lazy... it's not worth it! @_@


Posted to cap_it

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Caps - Scary Movie 4 - 855 caps, Full movie [8/27/06, 7 am]

[ mood | Irate ]

Well, I've never capped anything before... but I think these are decent since what else did I do than watch a movie and click? Exacly. I wasted 3 hours of my life on these... so you better love them! XD


Posted to cap_it

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Bam Margera, Dugera Love Banner... x 36 [8/23/06, 4 am]

[ mood | Giggly ]

I think I have a crush on Bam. I mean, yeah I'll always be a fan but you know the moment when it goes that one step over? ...geebuz. I have a crush on Bam. I feel like being a ditzy fangirl who wants to marry him. Tho' I'd never say that. Oh well. These come and go. Few months ago I had a crush on Novak, imagine that.

[x] Bam Margera x 25
[x] Ryan Dunn x 6
[x] Dugera x 3
[x] Others x 2
[x] Animated Dugera Love Banner

Note! I put the animated banner in a thumbnail so dial-uppers can view the icons faster.

Lotsa stuff to look and grab at to stuff.Collapse )

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Animated - Cowboy Bebop x 14 [8/21/06, 6 am]

[ mood | Pessimistic ]

I couldn't sleep and I wanted to figure out more about this animating and all... it seems that my solution is just to make them smaller and that's it... and work with them one by one in Photoshop since that's not possible in Image Ready... don't be lazy you see... eh, anyway these are a bit low quality so they fit into LJ and totally weird but I'm sure someone always wants them! ^^;

Oh so hard work, oh so low quality...Collapse )

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Animated - Bam and Ryan x 5 [8/21/06, 12 am]

[ mood | Artistic ]

I'm not sure if I'll ever try this again. Animating is HARD work.

Oh just click it damn it...Collapse )

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Stock - Various Animals x 14 [8/15/06, 2 am]

[ mood | Content ]

When you have nothing smart to say... just say... meow!

I've never understood people who are afraid of CATS.Collapse )

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Mood Theme: WWE Wrestling - Triple H [8/14/06, 6 am]

[ mood | Accomplished ]

...I just got like, really really reeeeally bored... and wanted to try something new! ^^;

ATTENTION! There's a version with 105 x 55 sized images now!


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WWE Wrestling - Lita, Lita/Edge, The Great Khali x 23 [8/10/06, 4 am]

[ mood | Morose ]

Ah, it's so weird to make icons now with this new computer. In the old computer I always had to make everything a bit more light since the screen was so dark - now I have to make everything a little overlighted so it looks normal lighted in... some computers... lol. Oh well. You like them or you don't like them! :)

[x] Lita x 12
[x] Lita/Edge x 7
[x] The Great Khali x 3

Warning; there's that certain F word. Tho' since when have I cared about warning.

Lita and Edge sitting on a tree... idiot Cena comes and kicks the tree...Collapse )

Posted to wwe_icons like usually.

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Stock - Various Animals x 20 [7/24/06, 3 am]

[ mood | Grumpy ]

Animals make me either SQUEE and call them PUPU (Finnish for bunny, cute for me) or then they make me cry since my big black heart has one soft spot and it's for animals. Yush. But now icons!

Warning! There's a icon that contains a partial curse word!

People who don't like animals are sick in the head.Collapse )

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Music - JRock - Gackt x 15 [7/17/06, 2 am]

[ mood | Contemplative ]

Dah. Well, lhukhe09 requested Gackt icons a while ago... so here you go! *shrug* These are not A-class tho' since I'm not a huge Gackt fan and I didn't have a mega insporation going on when I did these... (my now used icon is a JOKE.)

PrettyprettyprettyprettyJapanesepeople.Collapse )

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Old Anime Icontest Icon Dump x 38 [7/15/06, 12 am]

[ mood | Stressed ]

I want more, more MORE! *sings* ...wait, wtf. Geebuz I am bummed out.

[x] Various x 38 - meaning I was too lazy to caregorize them!

If boredom had a name it would be George.Collapse )

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