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Old Anime Icontest n Random Dump x 44

Now that I am 'back' I decided to just post all old icon contest entries and few other icons that just didn't fit anywhere. I'm sorry to make your friends page suffer (not that I post more than three teaser icons) There's more coming. Haha.

And dude, I feel better already... I guess it was worth the try to get that flu shot... o_o;

[x] Various x 44 - meaning I was too lazy to cartgorize them!
^ mentioning Ouran Host..., Nana, TMM, Dnangel, One Piece, etc. ^

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Nana x 25

O HAY. Umm. I can't say I'm "back" but... all sudden I just made some icons. Enjoy. Though these are "old fashioned" since I haven't made icons for months and months and there's like tons of new styles, brushes and stuff... hehe... but no, it's me and my adored 3 hearts brush... :P

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bloody mouthpiece!
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Caps - Dead Leaves - Full Movie

Oh you must hear how I got stuck with 32000 images! I tried to delete them for 2 hours. Hahaha. No, never mind. Newbies suck - specially me. But here's a hint; never ever eeeever use VirtualDub for capping unless you find the option first where you can set it to process only every 20th or so frame. Yesh... don't be lazy... it's not worth it! @_@


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