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Maximum Logic

shortstuff8379 in _glucose

So, if any of you have webcams, download a program called Skype. It's a video call/IM program that I've been using to talk to my family, and so far it's been working really well. Download it so I can talk to you and not go crazy.

In other news, we're under tropical storm/severe weather alert. How cool is that?


Added you!
im gunna try to get one- r there ne cheap ones haha??
There should be some cheap ones- check sale ads. My dad got his at the swap meet, so I can't really tell you what stores are cheaper than others. Sorry!
I has Skype also! I think I'm just ceciliawatt because it seemed like a better idea than loserloserloser.
Added you!
I has Skype now! It didn't work for a while, but now it does! I am ctfbrady. Who are you?