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tried to save myself..

but myself keeps slipping away.

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Welcome to Glittersorez.


made by strawberrixkiss

|| A community dedicated to discussing Self Injury and Depression ||

:Basic Guidelines:

*Do not bash, make fun of, put down, harass, etc. other members.
If you break that rule, you will be banned.
(any harrassment should be reported to me)

*I do not want suicide notes in this community. This community is not meant for encouraging suicide or anything of the sort. It is a place to discuss feelings, about depression and self injury.

*Do not offer help unless someone asks for it.

*When you join, please just make a post introducing yourself. I will not force you to, but it is common courtesy.

*Pictures are more than welcome, but I do ask that any pictures of Self Injuries or anything to that extreme sort be placed behind a LJ cut.

*You can post quizes, surveys, etc. in here as long as they relate to the community, and they are behind a lj cut if there are any triggering pictures, or if it's extremely long.

*You may promote other communities in here, as long as they somehow relate to THIS community. Or if they don't relate but you'd still like to promote them, contact me and we'll talk.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions to make the community better, do not hesitate to comment on my personal journal:
[harassment should also be reported to me on my personal journal]