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one stop place for blinkies and more!

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Welcome to _glitter_!

As of February 2010, we are closed until further notice. Thank you.

princess_alina/Anna Marie/Owner/Mod

Makers are the only ones who have posting access.
You must be a member and have be-friended the community to request.
You must use the graphics we make and try not to do the 'I'll use it later' thing.
Pick up requests within five days of your graphic being posted.
Use the forms that are in the freebie posts.
No direct linking!! This means upload to your own place every time you display an image. If you need places to upload to, check out Photobucket, the accout is free!
If you are going to be away on vacation and see that something you requested hasn't been posted, please let us know.
Don't go to our personal journals asking for graphics. If you do you will be banned, no questions asked.
Always credit, always! That means put our banner in your info and credit the maker if they ask for it!

Help promote _glitter_. Place a banner in your user info. And give credit where its due.


Interested in being an affiliate? Let us know over here!

Graphics made by follow tutorial over @ Moe's by niftybabe313!