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GLBTQ South [entries|friends|calendar]
Southern GLBTQ People

like new year's eve tonight's underway
but tomorrow you'll wake up afraid of the day
and underneath the scars of your broken dreams
an undone war still wages and stings

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Introducing a Mostly Harmless Mischief Maker [Sunday
09.14.08 @ 12:51am]

Name: Carlton
Age: 37
Sex/Gender: Male
State: GA
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Are you in a relationship?: No
Hobbies: decoraing, cooking, pets, photography, painting
Pictures? If more than one, please put then behind and lj-cut:

George Takei, ME, Brad Altman. They get MARRIED tomorrow!
Anything Else?: I love animals, politics, religion and sex. Wow! I must be an interesting person...right?

Binders [Monday
11.06.06 @ 7:58pm]


I have four previously worn binders for sale. All from Underworks and all medium size. Go under cut for more detailsCollapse )
Reply if you're interested, so we can talk business.


Intros and questions [Sunday
10.15.06 @ 9:39pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Sexual Orientation:Lesbian
Are you in a relationship?:Kinda sorta.It's complicated to say the least.
Hobbies/random things I like:Being an otaku,martial arts,foreign music,fixing computers and being a techie rat to my household
Pictures? If more than one, please put then behind and lj-cut:catboyCollapse )
Anything Else?:Uh I'm currently questioning my gender identity as I have always acted and in many respects felt male but have tried to tame it to appease my mother.


Questions sought [Sunday
10.15.06 @ 8:17am]


My best buddy (sircorbin) and I are having chest reconstructive surgery with Dr. Brownstein in a couple of weeks. We're documenting this process on film - including pre-surgery anxiety, the surgeries themselves (which we plan to film in their entirety), the healing process, etc. Since we plan on making a documentary, we are interested in hearing questions that other transguys might have about this experience. We are both on testosterone and living full-time. Questions may range from getting ready for hormones, getting ready for surgery, the healing process, or whatever else you might be interested in knowing. All questions will be taken into consideration. If you're interested in contributing, just reply to this entry with your questions. Thank you.



Just Saying Hi [Thursday
12.01.05 @ 1:13am]

Hi all - I'm brand new to the site so here's my intro:

Name: Christy
Age: 22
Sex/Gender: Female
State: PA (born in VA)
Sexual Orientation: queer lesbian
Are you in a relationship?: yep
Hobbies: music, dance, theatre, activism, photography, road trippin' it around the country
Pictures? If more than one, please put then behind and lj-cut: i don't know how to post pics, but i'll try sometime.

Anything Else?: glad you asked. i currently go to penn state university and instead of wasting my time with schoolwork, i spend many hours designing for a couple online stores that i own. i have a lot of lgbtqa designs and just wanted to see if you all might like them.

So, my store is called A Queer Little Store For Equality. Come check it out. There is a neat rainbow heart design and an equality design.

My other stores are:
Simply Rainbow - self explanitory, a rainbow design on anything you can think of (great for buttons...)
Womyn Thangs - a store promoting women's rights and equality

and just for laughs: The SHOCKA! - it makes me and my friends laugh. and really we all secretly love the shocker. and if not, well... you just got tmi. heh.

so, check em out and let me know what you think or (shock) buy something. think of the holidays and all your wonderful queer friends! and i do apologize if this isn't an appropriate place to post such a message.


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