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Passion is Contagious
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Hello, and welcome back to _givemesexy! We originally opened in December of 2005 and were incredibly successful, but activity died down by the time the summer of 2006 rolled around. We are not meant to be a large community; we have all formed close relationships, which is why entrance to _givemesexy is granted through approval of our members. To be accepted into the community, you must read the rules (which have changed) and fill out an application. You will be voted on based on your personality, ideas, morals, & looks. We will continue with our weekly themes and will be adding daily dicussions. This community may have been created by __coastlines and __kissmecrazy, but it is run by you! Past posts have included, but were not limited to, lyrics, pictures, advice, quotes, surveys, & competitions. We hope you enjoy this community as much as we do ♥

01. You must be 16 years or older to join.
02. You may not comment if you have not been accepted.
03. Respect the opinions of those who are voting on you, they will be honest.
04. However, if you feel like someone has crossed a line, let the maintainers know.
05. Put your application under a cut saying, "Passion Is Contagious".
06. If you have been rejected, please remove yourself from the community.
07. If you have been accepted, please promote us in your userinfo.
08. Once accepted, all posts must have "Stamped" as your subject.

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