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Passion is Contagious

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LOOK AT ME! [06 Jan 2009|10:31pm]

So Kaitlyn and I were looking through the community tonight and realized how much we miss it and how much fun we had. So we're BACK. Anyone there?

PS: Sorry for the bitchy "Did you all die?" post like two years ago. I really did not mean it like that.
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New Application [14 Feb 2007|01:07pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Note: If you are already a member, there is no need to fill this out. If you want to however, comment here with the application, do not create a new post!

Reminder: New members, put this application under the cut "Passion Is Contagious". Create a NEW post for your application - do NOT comment with it here.

Year of highschool graduation;
Taken/Single? Explain;
3 recent pictures of yourself;

Favorite movie & why;
Favorite bands/singers;
Shows you never miss;
Favorite line of lyrics;
Favorite colors;
Favorite place to be;
3 things that are guaranteed to make you smile;

3 of your strongest beliefs;
Do you practice it?;

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what one materialistic thing would you bring?;
What 3 people would you bring?;
If you could have dinner with one famous person, dead or alive, who would it be?;
Who is your role model? Why?;

Describe where you live (pictures are welcome);
Describe who you live with;
Who in your family are you closest to?;

If you could say one thing to someone what would it be?;

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_GIVEMESEXY [13 Feb 2007|07:55pm]

[ mood | good ]

Does anyone want to see us come back?
If we get enough people wanting the community back, we'll make the effort to start _givemesexy back up.
If not, the community will officially be deleted.

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[04 Sep 2006|07:44pm]

<center><a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/empireslj"><img src="http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i273/c20220222/LJ/empiresad1.gif" border="0"></a>
<lj user="empireslj"></center>
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[12 Jun 2006|07:25pm]

Promotion.Collapse )
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MOD // Hiatus. [29 Mar 2006|06:16pm]



Alright ladies, basically, this community is going on hiatus until the summer. This is because the mods are too busy to control it, and obviously, the majority of you guys aren't interested or are too busy to stay involved. Therefore, from now on no posts can be made until either Kaitlyn or I announce that we are off haitus. Feel free to comment back on this post with questions, etc. If you want to become a member, feel free to email your application to either on of the mods (emails are in the userinfo). We will both discuss your application and let you know via email or aim. As for our current members, we love you girls, but everyone is too busy for this right now, we'll be back.

Love, Melissa (__coastlines) & Kaitlyn (__kissmecrazy)
If you want to stay in contact with either one of us, feel free to comment on our personal journals =]

OH! And since this community really is so important to us (and we'll miss you ladies like crazy) if there's anything you want from us, post it here. Anything at all.
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Theme of the week ♥ [11 Mar 2006|02:18am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Benefit Concert ♥Collapse )

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I'll tell you about myself, then. [10 Mar 2006|03:22am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well I made amends in the general sense but the devil’s in the detailsCollapse )

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Wheet-whoo, ask me what you want! [09 Mar 2006|02:04am]

[ mood | bored ]

Ask me a question about each of the following:

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Love
5. LiveJournal

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential.


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[22 Feb 2006|07:45pm]

Welcome to my lovely homeCollapse )
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Whoa, I'm hot like fire [19 Feb 2006|09:16pm]

Hold your head high, heavy heart.Collapse )
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Whoa, I'm Hot Like Fire! [07 Feb 2006|04:25pm]

[ mood | tired ]

i don't even make a soundCollapse )

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To sad to write [07 Feb 2006|09:41pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

I'm sorry but my post today will be very short.
Actualy, is just to tell you that some problem in my life make me to sad to write, anyway, I'll try to explain you however.
So, this night, I've dreamed of julien, my ex-boyfriend, and in this dream he was crying ... This morning at 10:00 a.m, I go to school, I see him, he looked sad, I ask "what's wrong" and he tells me that this morning at 8:00a.m, when I was dreaming, he really was crying ... because of his parents who make a hell of his life ... well I'm depressed because he is, and, to add to that, I'm still in love with him.

So good night every boby, kiss.

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Whoa, I'm Hot Like Fire [04 Feb 2006|07:55pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

that's meCollapse )

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Whoa I'm hot like Fire [04 Feb 2006|09:18am]

we're still so young and desperate for attentionCollapse )
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[29 Jan 2006|07:48pm]
Take me for what I amCollapse )
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[24 Jan 2006|10:30am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

please guys, read the rules before filling out an application
Oh & To be a part of the community you HAVE to fill out an application
YES, you have to promote to be allowed in
& I can't even begin to tell you how crucial effort in your opinions is
The ladies that are already a part of this community, I'm sure, can agree with me on that. You won't be allowed in if you're too young, you act like you don't give a shit, and if you don't follow the rules
One more time someone doesn't follow the rules,
This community will be a locked community.

It will be more difficult for you to join or even get your application put on the site.
The userinfo is just a click away, come on guys, it's not brain surgery
Thanks for your paitence with my bitchiness
Mid-terms are messing with my head..
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DECLINED BANNERS // MOD USE ONLY [19 Jan 2006|07:09pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Declined Banners Under The CutCollapse )

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ACCEPTED BANNERS // MOD USE ONLY [19 Jan 2006|07:06pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Accepted Banners Under The CutCollapse )

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PROMO BANNERS ♥ [19 Jan 2006|06:58pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Promo Banners Under The CutCollapse )

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