The FREE HUG campain!

Inspired by this this video: Free Hug Campaign

Step one: Watch the damn video!

Step two: Spread the word. Draw you, your mate, your friend, your pet, anyone, with a free hugs sign or some variation of it. Even if it's just a simple little doodle.

Step three: Hug someone you might not have today.


This is a BRAND NEW community, waiting for new members to take part and just let a little bit of light into our hearts. If you cant draw, try anyway. If you dont feel confident in posting pictures, just tell stories about nice things that happened to you, or nice things you've done. All in all, we are here to light up the world. We're here to make you smile.

Everyone, at one time in their life will need a hug for whatever reason. Lets give them that, whenever they need it, here. Now.

free_huggles. Join us today.
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true love

(no subject)

I just joined here, this community is awesome! I never would have thought of it, a place soley for virtual hugs, but this is a great idea! I love giving and receiving hugs and cuddling! Hope to speak to you all soon!
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Buddy Bear

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havent been around in a while, but still thinking of everyone. know that if you ever need a hug, my arms are always open xx hope everyone is well and happy
big koala hugs
always xx
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  • kl1964

Sad Anniversary

Ten years ago today, my father-in-law committed suicide. I remember it like it happened yesterday. He had had chronic back pain for years, had been addicted to prescription drugs off and on, and had attempted suicide at least once before. My wife and I are separated, and even though I know she is no doubt hurting today I also know she won't accept any hugs from me. Just keep her in your thoughts, and send hugs that way. I'll do the same, and honestly I could use some myself. Thanks, and hugs to all of you.
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  • kl1964

Just Joined

Hello, I just joined this community today. My name is Kevin and I live in Washington State. I love hugs, both giving and receiving. Because of some life circumstances, I haven't had the opportunity to give or receive many hugs over the past year. I miss them very much, I see hugs as something vital to survival. So here I am to give and receive hugs of the cyber variety. thanks for creating this community!
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I need a hug. Badly. I can't get into any of the courses I need for university because they're all full and I was $80 short when I cashed out at work today, and considering how I was suppose to have made about $300 that's a big deal. I don't wanna get fired, I don't wanna get stuck with a terrible schedule. Heeeeeelllllpppp.

And I still need to come out of the closet to my mom.

i need a hug

my fiance left me and took my baby girl with her. now, for the first time I'm left alone on the west coast, with my family and friends 3000 miles away on the east coast.
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