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Could Really Use a Hug

My feelings of loneliness and isolation are very high these days. In some ways it feels like, the more social networking that goes on, the less actual interaction there is. I could really use a hug? Please?
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Need Hugs

This community has been wayh too quiet. I wanted to pop in here and ask for some hugs. This has been a tough year, and I can only hope that 2009 is better. Any and all hugs appreciated. Thanks.
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My name is Taylor and I just joined this community. I used to be part of it on my old journal, but I got a new one. Hugs for everybody! XOXO ♥

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Happy Easter, everyone,

There's nothing in particular wrong with me. I'm just tired and a bit stressed from school and as always I'm affectionally challenged. All the hugs that are humanly possible would be much appreciated.

***gummie bear hugs and chocolate chip kisses*** to all

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(no subject)

Wow, this community is like, dead....o_O

so i shall ressurect it! (ok, not really...)

Anyway, Its been a rather...stressful week. My girlfriend broke up with me on Friday, for reasons which I understand, but still...meh. (haha. meh is a funny sound o_O) Exams are coming up, and I'm worried about them. And...yeah. I just need a hug.

*free hugs for everyone!*
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