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Note: This is NOT a rating community! Nor will it ever become one. So do not vote on someone when they're new. This is just a place for us girls to come and talk about whatever. Ask for advice on what to wear on a hot date, what make-up would look best on you, how to deal with cramps, etc. Whatever girl-related it may be you can talk about it.

Post by filling out this survey just so we can know you better.
This is not a rating community, so don't rate others' surveys...
Please, no rude comments. If you want to tell someone they're ugly go to another community. This is not the place for it.
You can promote in here but if it is NOT behind a cut I will be forced to delete it. You will get 2 warnings. 3 strikes, and you're out.

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What 5 qualities does it take to be a girly girl?

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