Calling all my beauty lovers!


I am designing a etsy store that is going to be selling all handmade brush belts, brush rolls, makeup bags, aprons, etc. All handmade and completely customizable. 

But here is where I need your help, I have spent days thinking about a name for the shop, and cannot come up with anything good or cute enough. 

Please leave me comments as to what you would think is a good name for my shop! If your choice of a shop name wins, I will send you a customized brush roll of your choice!

Thank you!


Name: Bethany
Age: 32
Location: Laramie, WY
Status: Married
5 words to describe you:
Favorite color: Blue, Purple, or Green depending on the day
Favorite movie: Ever After
Favorite singer/band: The Connells
Favorite girly thing: Lingerie
Favorite make-up brand: Mac
Favorite perfume: Don't know
Describe your favorite outfit or post a picture: Purple speghetti strap over a white blouse with a blue platted skirt
Where you found us: Searching for interests
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Lengthening hair

Hey girls! Do any of you know of any serums or shampoos that lengthen hair fairly quickly?? My hair's already long, at the longest point in the back it's about 3 or 4 inches away from my butt lol. I used to use Mane n' Tale and it worked pretty good, but now it just dries out my hair and makes it feel dirty.

I already take Prenatal pills (vegetarian reasons), but I've taken them for years and they probably don't work as well for my hair (and nails), anymore.
And no I don't want extensions lol.

Do you know of anything I can go out and buy that seems to work well and kinda quick???
Thanks! :)


What kind of makeup and skin care does everyone use?

I use Mary Kay. It's light, it's mineral- love it!

If you switched from your usual brand, which brand would you switch to?
Dude love

I covet - therefore I am

I will delete this if it's not appropriate but I thought it might be a fun topic with the girlie girls of LJ.

I am currently madly and deeply in love with a pair of shoes that I will never own, but forever love:

Anyone else madly in love with something that they will never own? Unless they're willing to do something illegal to get the money?

n00b survey =]

<b>Name:</b>  Cady
<b>Age:</b>  18
<b>Location:</b>  18
<b>Status:</b>  t-t-taken
<b>5 words to describe you:</b> 
<b>Favorite color:</b>  orange, yellow, and pink.  I can't choose one
<b>Favorite movie:</b>  Oh gee.  Right now it's Funny Face
<b>Favorite singer/band:</b>  Alkaline Trio has my heart forever but I don't know if they count as my favorite right now.
<b>Favorite girly thing:</b>  Clothes.  Mainly summer clothes.  oh gee.  Skirts, dresses, tank tops, and shorts.
<b>Favorite make-up brand:</b>  Everyday Minerals.
<b>Favorite perfume:</b>  Harajuku Lovers Lil Angel
<b>Describe your favorite outfit or post a picture:</b>
<b>Where you found us:</b>  designerskin
<b>Picture: (If you have one)</b>
not the best picture of me, I just like sledding... and I don't like that scarf but I couldn't find my good one.  From about two months ago

Julia <3

<b>Name: Julia</b>
<b>Age: 20</b>
<b>Location: Santa Cruz, CA</b>
<b>Status: with my love for almost a year!</b>
<b>5 words to describe you: friendly, honest, loving, motivated, funny</b>
<b>Favorite color: pink</b>
<b>Favorite movie: Im a movie fanatic..I could never pick just one..Moulin Rouge is beautifully done..Crash is amazing..Felon with Val Kilmer is fantastic...Taken with Liam Neeson was so well done too..I have too many favorites :)</b>
<b>Favorite singer/band: Lately, its been Colbir Calliat- shes so simple and has a beautiful pure voice</b>
<b>Favorite girly thing: makeup!</b>
<b>Favorite make-up brand: MAC</b>
<b>Favorite perfume: Dior Addict 2</b>
<b>Describe your favorite outfit or post a picture: I dont have any body camera got stolen :.</b>
<b>Where you found us: searching for communities </b>
<b>Picture: (If you have one)
me and my boyfriend about 6 months ago..not a great one but its the only one i have saved on my comp!</b>

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, since it said I could promote..i just wanted to throw it out there that I just got a job at a store that sells replicas..purses clothes jewelry, everything. I get 20-30% off depending on style..which I would love to share with you guys. Its so cute and is manufactured in New York..the quality level is INSANE.

Check out my
journal for pics of what I have right now :)



Name:Crystal Taylor
Location:San Diego, CA
5 words to describe you:*smiley *sweet *diet coke *kittens *pink
Favorite color:Pink
Favorite movie:Pretty Woman
Favorite singer/band:Britney Spears
Favorite girly thing:Shoes!
Favorite make-up brand:MAC
Favorite perfume:Abercrombie 8
Describe your favorite outfit or post a picture:Jeans, Uggs/flip flops & a cute tshirt or 6 inch heels and a fancy cocktail dress.
Where you found us:Searching for communities
Picture: (If you have one)
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Gross girl post, haha!

Gross girl post, haha!

Me and my boyfriend dirk were grocery shoppin at wal mart and I had a major issue arise lol.

I've been on hormones since before christmas (I think its basically the same thing as the sugar pills at the end of the birth control cycle.) I ordered them online and have been taking them, and I asked my doctor last week about them and she said theyre perfectly fine (I ordered them from an online pharmacy since i didnt have time to go to the doc.) she said i actually ordered the right kind :)

well its pills to get me back on a regular menstrating cycle since i havent had mine in bodys real messed up. well, ive been cramping for a few weeks. i started spotting yesterday and i was real excited, but then nothing happened after that, or last night, this morning, or today. but me and dirk were at wal mart and i felt funny "down there" haha so i told dirk i had to go to the restroom. i went and it was like GA-GOOSH in my britches!!!! haha
so i stuffed toilet paper up myself haha, and when i went to find dirk, i started sweating, i got lightheaded, my stomah hurt, and i felt very hot and very faint. then i told dirk i need to go get tampons before we leave, he said "ok" haha.

he was taking his time in the grocery section and i was fidgeting and i told him "we gotta GO" haha. we got outside and got in his truck, and i dont know if i fainted or instantly fell asleep, because i dont remember the ride home, and all i remember is dirk waking me up once we were back at the ranch. i asked him if i fainted and he said he doesnt know, he just thought i fell asleep. sooo im not sure!

WIERD!! but my stomach feels real heavy, im burning up hot, and im sooo lightheaded. guess ill be calling my doctor tomorrow to see if this is normal. maybe i need a lower mg dose. im thinking it probably is normal though. my body isnt used to having its cycle, so its probably reacting like "whoa! wtf is going on?!" LMAO