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Listen up AFI fans...here's your chance to get to write an idea for an AFI inspired short film. I've been watching many communities throughout the internet who are committed to AFI and after all my time spent picking a community I chose this one. Yes, that's right because I feel that you are the most positive, informed, and original as possble AFI Community. I'm directing a short film next month and I have completely scrapped my script and I was looking for an idea when I came up with the idea of doing an AFI-song inspired/ AFI theme inspired short film that relates to AFI in a noticeable way. Please reply as soon as possible because I need to have the new storyboards and script turned in by next Thursday which means I have four days to put the story to paper and break down a shot by shot list. This will eventually be edited digitally , put to DVD, and mailed to AFI( well I live in the San Francisco bay area and I have friends who know their addresses personally) for their enjoyment. This is your chance to contribute and be recognized in the credits of the film and receive your own copy.
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Joining Again. Heyyy

Hey Im Segovia I was originally roseinflamesdxh, but I got a new username so I rejoined. I guess you could say Im new again. So uh...I just wanted to introduced myself again. For obvious reasons... Umm. What else? Oh Yeah. I was just wondering (for anyone who is in DF): Have any of you recieved the "Under the Rose" AFImagazine? My friend got it in the mail a couple of days ago, and I have'nt gotten mine. Urr Im very upset.
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The talent show at my school is coming up, and I have this amazing-wonderful-oh-god-I'm-totally-going-to-screw-this-up idea to sing Morningstar. My only problem is that I need a karaoke mp3 of it. So, my question to you girls is, does anyone here happen to have or know where I can find an mp3 of Morningstar with just the instrumentation?

Plus, this is pretty much my only chance to perform in the talent show, because my choir director said that the songs have to be around or under three minutes long this year (the thing ran way over time last year, pissed everyone off). There is NO other song I know of that I can sing that fits the time requirement (the track is 11:28, I'll agree, but the song itself is only 3:10 or so) and has no curse words in it, plus I wish to share with the world the wonderfulness that is AFI.

Please, please, please, PLEASE help me with this!
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