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I'd like to say welcome to the new members and greetings to our present members. I know we are all in a frenzy over AFI's new song (with fantastic music video) 'Miss Murder'. As semi-long time fan of AFI (ever since Black Sails in the Sunset- I was 11, awww) I am EXTREMELY happy that AFI came off of hiatus and is coming back to us with a new album and tour. I say rejoice and make Saturday special and wear your AFI apparel. Support AFI and dance about!! Send in pics of you wearing your shirt!!!
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hi. :)

So, I'd like to introduce myself here. I'm a girl, an AFI fan (duh), and I just found this community. It's awesome. It's better than the one I was in. They didn't like the fact that Hunter was a dj at a MisShapes party and I posted the flyer, and it got denied by one of the mods. I have pictures of Hunta from the party too, if anyone wants to see.

ahem. Ok, pardon the babble, I think I have a fever. It's hot in here.
I wanted to say hi to the other members, and not seem like one of those who only watches a community, y'know?
OH! and has anyone seen that picture of Davey taken by Abbey Drucker? It's beautamous.
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I've been told AFI came up with the acronym first, and the meaning later. So my question is this: if you could come up with a different meaning for AFI, what would it be? (and no cheating "I wouldn't change it, it's perfect for them as it is" type answers!)
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