Kristen (niceskitzo) wrote in _girlsnotgrey_,

First of all, congrats to AFI on the moonman!

My name is Kristen, I'm 17, and from NY. I've been a member of the DF for the past three years. If you see this post in other communities, its because I just joined a couple today, so sorry! I've seen them once at Darien lake for Warped Tour.

I have a bunch of pictures from their show, as well as sound clips (just message me if you want 'em). I'll share the pictures, but I don't know how to upload sound clips.

I have two for today:

1. This was at the beginning of the show, and its just Davey and Hunter. Davey and Hunter

2. Davey came out two sets before theirs to see Everytime I Die. You can't tell in this one (I'm photoshopping the others to make them clearer), but he was wearing purple and black stripped socks XD. The sun came out, and he busted out the most adorable parasol. Davey and his umbrella
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