Carrie (caen) wrote in _girlsnotgrey_,

AFI FanBook Project

Okay, so we were crazily inspired by the paper-chain of fanletters [such an awesome project] and thought it'd be fun to set up something similar to be given to them when they come to the UK. but NOT just for UK fans.

So we've come up with the AFI FanBook Project.

We'd like people to send us postcard-sized notes that will be collected together and bound into a big book of fanletters. Kinda like Postsecret. only... they don't have to be secrets, they can be ANYTHING you want to tell AFI.

Clickclickclick for more details and stuff

basically: you make a postcard,
you join the mailing list and we send you the address to post your postcard to,
you post it,
then we do all the rest.

We're aiming to get the finished FanBook to AFI at one of their UK shows in October so we'd like you to send your card by September 30th at the latest.
[you'll be mailing to me in the UK]

this is pretty young at the moment so i still have to work out a few bugs - so feel free to ask questions and make suggestions etc.

if you're interested, please spread the word!

[cross-posted every-fuckin'-where]
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