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I was randomly surfing today, and I ran across some AFI quotes I'd never seen before, so if you need a good laugh, this is where you're gonna find it.

“My brother Michael is over the whole Mohawk thing. Mom, however, now has a Mohawk and Dad has an AFI tattoo.” -Davey

“Don’t you know that I burst into flames if I step into a church?!” -Davey

“I did not expect to see Trent Reznor in Las Vegas at this Oasis show, so when I did, I had a little episode. Needless to say, I totally dorked out and fan-boyed all over the accommodating gentleman for about 4.5 seconds before letting him be free of me. He was cool. It was nifty. Bowie, you’re next.” -Davey

“Please excuse me if it seems I’m throwing a little tantrum, but I can’t get a microphone that fucking works.” -Davey

“Rabbits. You know, bunnies. If you don’t look out for them, the little bastards sneak up on you and bite you and shit.” -Davey

JADE: We don’t encourage our fans to send us dead things.
DAVEY: Or alive things.

“I wish terrible things upon the person who just did that.” -Davey, after being hit in the crotch with a shoe by some idiot in the crowd in Charlotte, NC at Warped.

“This one time I was singing with this guy in the crowd who looked like me and he moved the mic and started making out with me and accidentally tore out my lip ring and I had to get stitches.” –Davey

ADAM: “We once left Hunter at a gas station in the middle of the night in Belgium or some place like that. We had stopped at a rest stop and everyone got off the bus to buy crappy gas station food and I guess he got off the bus and was on the phone. We all came out of the store and got on the bus and drove away. Twenty minutes later, it was like, “Where’s Hunter?” Since no one in the crew plays bass, we turned around, drove back, and he was still on the phone and didn’t even know we had left. We also left Jerry, our production manager, on a ferry in Sweden sometime last year.”

“Hmm. Corn nuts. Can’t say I’m a big fan. I’m more of an apple pie kind of guy because it reminds me of sex and death.” -Jade

“The people who send us fan mail written in blood say the nicest things, so it doesn’t freak us out too much.” -Davey

“Just because I had a few meaningless one night patty cake encounters doesn’t mean I’m a whore.” -Jade

“I love Eskimos. They have 23 words for snow-cone.” -Hunter

“So the first chicken was an egg through evolution. So it was sort of a mutation from whatever bird laid the egg. So the chicken. No, I mean the egg..." -Davey

“Sometimes Davey just curls up like a misshapen aborted fetus angel that was just hit by a Mark truck and I don’t know how he does it.” -Jade

“Sometimes I hate myself. Sometimes I don’t.” -Davey

“I’m an extremist. I have to deal with my own extreme personality and walk the fine line of wanting to die and be the ruler of it all.” -Davey

“I think I just have chronic slow-dying syndrome.” -Davey

Well, some of those I had seen before. They just needed to be repeated.
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