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has anyone else here picked up the new dropkick murphys album? what do you think of it? it just came out a few weeks ago and i can't stop listening to it. I really love the title track, the warriors code. if you don't have the album yet you can listen to a few of the songs here on Epitaph's site. has anyone seen them on warped tour this summer? what did you think of their show? boston's boys are doing it again!

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1. Name: Jessica
2. Music: Mest, Rancid, The Distillers, Transplants, Lars and The Bastards, Sublime, Anti-Flag, Bikini Kill, Buzzcocks, Clit 45, Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Atreyu, Black Flag, Horror Pops, Rage Against The Machine, Dead Kennedys, Tsunami Bomb, etc.
3. Location: North Fort Myers, Florida
4. What makes your Girls.Night.Out. so awesome: It's a place just for the girls.
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    Dead Kennedys- "Halloween"

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1. Name. Rocio

2. Music.  blur,siouxsie and the banshees,placebo,the cure,rammstein,smashing pumpkins,zwan,system of a down,korn, lacuna coil,slipknot,disturbed,nine inch nails,tool,nightwish,deftones,the donnas,cabezones,boom boom kid,carajo,fun people,elastica

3. Location. Buenos Aires, Argentina

 4. What makes your Girls.Night.Out. so awesome. ROCK AT NIGHT WITH FRIENDS AND ULTRAVIOLENCE XD

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    korn - get the party started

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1. Name steph

2. Music wilco . belle&sebastian . the pixies . the beatles . pavement . silver jews . the rolling stones . the strokes . the killers . the band . grateful dead . john mayer . maroon 5 . nirvana . oasis . 
3. Location New York
4. What makes your Girls.Night.Out. so awesome
Normally it'd be me and a few friends running around town, terrorizing a neighborhood by running around and shouting obscenities. Just kidding, that only happened once. No, usually we all get together at some sort of public place and just hang out and laugh at each other, and other people.

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