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Girls Aloud World

Girls Aloud World

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This is the community dedicated to Girls Aloud and their music.
Here you will always find the latest news, photos, audios, and more. All of Girls Aloud.

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Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts, Cheryl Tweedy, Sarah Harding and Kimberely Walsh are Girls Aloud, the freshest girl band to come out of the UK since the Spice Girls. Producing an irresistible blend of up-to-the-second pop, 80's synths and with drum and bass undercurrents, the girls have their fingers firmly on the musical pulse as they have proved with their debut album, "Sound Of The Underground."

Formed in an extraordinary way by the UK public, through the hit ITV1 show, "Popstars: The Rivals," Girls Aloud is the result of over 6months of hard work and auditioning by over 10,000 girls from up and down the country, picking out the supreme singers from the bunch. Whittled down to ten girls, the UK public voted out singers one by one until only 6 were left, leaving the votes to be for the girl you most want to be in the band. Nadine recalls, "Someone said during the auditions that they were going to try to be strong. I was like, don't say you'll try. Say 'I will be strong'. You've either got something, or you haven't. Just like you're either a popstar or you're not." Nadine proved her strength when she got into the final ten along with Kimberley, Cheryl, Nicola and Sarah. But there was more to the show than the foundation of Girls Aloud.

The premise of "Popstars: The Rivals" was to find two bands who would battle it out for the much-coveted UK Christmas #1. One boy group and one girl group. The girl group would get management from Louis Walsh (Westlife, Samantha Mumba), whilst the boy group had the backing of Pete Waterman (Steps). The male "winners" of the show were highly anticipated to win, considering the "standard" market of Christmas single buyers to be young girls who would fall in love with the boy group. One True Voice released their debut single, a double A side featuring a Bee Gees cover, "Sacred Trust," playing up to the tradition that reality TV popstars had to release cheap, tacky, cheesy cover versions. Girls Aloud however had over plans.

After meeting the final ten girls, Louis Walsh and Polydor Records had an idea what the debut single from the winning girls would be, a Xenomania-produced track sounding like a mash of some of the best singles of the year, combined with 80s synths and a buzzing drum and bass undercurrent. When the girls that actually made it into Girls Aloud were announced as being the winners, Louis know that the single was the right choice. They also played it safe by recording a cover version of Christmas anthem, "Stay Another Day." However, this was not to be a single, and it was chosen as a B-side to the debut single from Girls Aloud, the addictive "Sound Of The Underground." The track was championed by radio DJs who preferred the edgy sound of Girls Aloud to the cheesy tackiness of One True Voice, and sure enough the girls refusal to stick to reality TV pop conventions paid off when they were announced as the Christmas #1 for 2002 in a special "Popstars: The Rivals" live show.

The single went on to stay at #1 for 4 consecutive weeks, selling nearly 300,000 copies in its first week alone, and becoming one of the top 5 selling singles of 2003. They had achieved such massive success with their debut, and whilst they were at #1, One True Voice had managed to fall out of the top 10. Their longetivity was dependent on their second single. In the following weeks as "Sound Of The Underground" slowly fell out of the UK singles chart, possible second singles were being considered, including a pop anthem written by Westlife's Bryan McFadden, "Girls Allowed." However this was just tabloid trash, as it was revealed that another Xenomania production was to be the second single. The 80's sounding, "No Good Advice," follows on from the vibe set in "Sound Of The Underground" and keeps their edgy coolness. The single hit #2 behind the massive selling, "Ignition (Remix)" by R. Kelly, and their debut album followed two weeks later, achieving that feat.

"Sound Of The Underground" features 15 possible singles. From the raw beats of "Love/Hate" to the balladry of "Forever And A Night" and the moodiness of "Life Got Cold" to the pure disco of "Girls Allowed" and "Mars Attack," not to mention the French house of "All I Need (All I Don't)" and the edgy R&B of "White Lies" and "Don't Want You Back" there are no weak tracks on this album, which still seemed reluctant to sell because of their reality TV show "tag." Outside of the UK, where "Popstars: The Rivals" was unheard of, their debut single was going top 10 all over Europe.

With third single, "Life Got Cold," Girls Aloud are hoping to erase any connection from One True Voice and the TV show from which they were discovered, not only as they strive to establish themselves as popstars in their own right. Fourth single, the last from their debut album, a cover of the Pointer Sisters' "Jump", hit #2 and was featured on the UK soundtrack to the hit film "Love Actually." The return of Girls Aloud in 2004 with a brand new single, "The Show," another electro-pop stomper from the countryside in Kent (the homeplace of genius Brian Higgins and his Xenomania writing and production company!) proved that they are here to stay. This is about taking everybody on, from the anodyne girlgroups with nothing to say to the self-righteous nonentities of the alternative world, to the doubters who think Girls Aloud are no more than a bag of heels and hooped earrings. And with such determination and attitude, with the music to back them up, what's to stop them?

"Wake Me Up (CD1 & CD2)"
Released: February 21, 2005 (#4)

What Will The Neighbours Say? (Album)
Released: November 29, 2004 (#6)

"I'll Stand By You (CD1 & CD2)"
Released: November 15, 2004 (#1)

"Love Machine (CD1 & CD2)"
Released: September 13, 2004 (#2)

"The Show (CD1 & CD2)"
Released: June 28, 2004 (#2)

Sound Of The Underground (Album) Sound Of The Underground (Album Re-Release)
Released: May 26, 2003 (#2) Released: December 1, 2003 (#42)

"Jump (CD1 & CD2)"
Released: November 17, 2003 (#2)

"Life Got Cold (CD1 & CD2)"
Released: August 18, 2003 (#3)

"No Good Advice (CD Single & DVD Single)"
Released: May 12, 2003 (#2)

"Sound Of The Underground (CD1 & CD2)"
Released: December 16, 2002 (#1)

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