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New Website for Physics Students


I'm a first year graduate student in astrophysics. I recently created a website aimed at physics students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies and careers in physics. My hope is that this website will assist physics students in pursuing their desired educational and career paths.

Within the website is a guide on how to apply to graduate school, the largest list of physics internships, scholarships, fellowships, and summer research opportunities out there (as far as I'm aware), interviews with current female physics graduate students and female physicists working in their careers, and more.

The website is only a little over a week old, so it's still very small. I need help figuring what I should add, change, expand, and improve. Is my graduate school guide clear and accurate? What would best help physics students learn about opportunities available to them? How can my little website best benefit you? Do you have any experiences you'd like to share?

The link is: Astromiror

Thank you all so much!
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Hi, I am a graduate student in high energy physics (particle physics). I am close to getting my Ph.D. I noticed someone asking about particle physics books. If you are an experimentalist, you must own Introduction to Experimental Particle Physics by Richard Fernow. It is the only book I have seen that adresses detector components and a little accelerator physics. For particle theory, Introduction to Elementary Particles by David Griffiths is good. For a higher level text, go with Quarks and Leptons by Halzen and Martin. Back to shifts for me...

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Hey I just joined. My name is Kira and I'm a freshman in high school, but astrophysics is what I love and If there's something you're excited about I'm glad to listen. I like to know and understand everything I can with the small education I have.

gracias ~Kira
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This group is a bit dead, but I thought I'd join and introduce myself anyway.

My name is Laura, and I'm a first year graduate student in Astrophysics. I currently research gamma-ray bursts for NASA. I am originally from near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, lived in Florida to obtain my bachelors degree, and am currently residing in Huntsville, Alabama.

I have two blogs, this one being my personal one, and my professional blog detailing my research at http://astromiror.greatestjournal.com/.

Maybe my post will encourage others to speak up and we can resurrect this community. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Does anyone know of a good book or two on Particle physics?
I'm doing a lab on the Belle detector.

Aslo anything good on Atomic, Molecular and Solid State Physics?????

Information needed desperately

Does anone know anything about the Ramsaur - Townsend effect???

All I know is that its when teh Energy of a 3d square well potential is such that there is pure transmission and no reflection. I need to show experimental results that support this and I can't find anything useful.

Any help would be great.

Due Monday and its now thursday!!!!!
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