Winter Soldier

MEMBERS CUT - 06/11/08

I've gone through the members list and deleted anyone who has not updated their journals in 9 weeks or longer. If you were removed, and wish to re-apply for membership please feel free to do so. We're bringing new life into the community, and we needed to weed out the unused journals.
Winter Soldier

::Community Rules::

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Absolutely NO drama!

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You must keep the profanity to a minimum.

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You must be at least 13 years of age to join.

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For longer posts, photos, quizzes, etc, you MUST use an lj-cut

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Absolutely NO nudity and/or obscene photos. This includes
your userpics.

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Do not judge anyone.

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Do not discuss _girl_talk_ topics outside of the
community. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned.

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Absolutely no name calling, berating, or fighting with the
other members.

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You MUST both friend and be watching the community.

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You must be active at least twice a month.

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If you want to promote your community, you must first
contact the mods for permission. See our "community spotlight" post for more

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Do not post personal/identifying information online such
as your home address or phone number.

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Have fun!

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Winter Soldier

Girls Only


Welcome to _girl_talk_ - your online community for all things girl related (and then some)! Please take a moment to read over our RULES, and then fill out the form below, post it as a COMMENT to this entry and wait to be approved. You should hear something from one of our mods within a week at which time you will recieve an invite to the community.

Thanks for your patience!
The MODS of _girl_talk_

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Clean Up (Public Post)

I just wanted to let you ladies know that I think its time for a clean up.. Not even half of you girls post anymore, and we really like from time to time, for you to post. Even if its just about your day.. but a few others, I don't think have even updated or been on lj for a while.

If for some reason you can't view the friends only posts anymore, please leave a comment here, and we'll let you back in.. as long as you are active though.

I understand we all have busy lives outside of the Internet and all, but being active is what we like to see.
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Trying to Join??

If you are currently trying to join _girl_talk_ and for some reason can't get accept.. please READ over the RULES.. If you have no information in your userinfo, than how can we tell if you are a guy or girl? Note, this community is just for Girls & Women! If you have no age or anything in your userinfo, please put it there, so we know you are older than 13. That's all we're asking.. how can someone be added if there is no info about them? I know we ask the girls that just got accepted to please put a mini-bio about themselves in a new post, but please read through all the rules and please put something in your userinfo, so we know if you ARE in fact a female and your age and stuff.

GT Maintainer
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_girl_talk_ Rules

Girl Talk Rules

As the New Year is here, GT is undergoing lots of changes. More activies will be going on, quizzes, polls, games, contests, etc..

You MUST ADD _girl_talk_ to your FRIENDS LIST.. so you KNOW what all is going on and happening. We want you to be able to view important information like this or any other information that comes your way.

If for some reason you suddenly cannot view _girl_talk_, or you were recently denied membership, then it's probably because of one of the reasons listed below.

You weren't active enough
Your journal is LESS then 30 days old
Your journal is older then 30 days, but has less then 5 entries.
Your journal has not been updated recently.

There will be a list of names (which we are working on now), and if you are on it, you have until January 20th, 2006.. to become more active. If you have any questions, please contact one of the MODS.

After you have read ALL these rules, could you please comment, so us MODS know that you have read the rules and understand them. Thank You.
Feeling Safe and Secure in Your Arms

Welcome to _girl_talk_

Think of Girl Talk as a Teen Help line for all ages.

Please read all the rules and guidelines on the userinfo page before joining.. we're are a tight group of girls and we plan to keep it that way. If in any way you cannot follow the rules, than we're sorry, we can't accept you. We don't ask for much, just a few simple rules!! So please read them, and if you think this is a great community, please join! We're looking forward to you joining and posting! :)

If you'd like to help promote _girl_talk_ to your fellow girl friends or even post in your info, please use this promotion banner :)


Please read through all of the rules on the info page before joining. The Mods simply ask for you to fill out a basic application before joining Girl Talk. You will see that a lot of members post their Basic Application on the info page here. Please do not post your application as a comment to this entry.. we asked a lot of girls to not do that, yet they either didn't read the rules 100% or they didn't look hard enough on the info page for one of the mods email addys. For email addresses, please check the MODS section in the userinfo for their email addys.

Main Mods
Megan knightswifee
Krystal autumn_mist

In order to be a member, you have to be active and posting a few times a week and commenting. That's one of the most important rules that we have, and thats all we ask.. please be active. Why join something when you aren't going to be active? If all of a sudden you can't view GT anymore, than the mods took you off because you weren't being active, like we all ask you to be. But if you'd like to rejoin, than you are more than welcome to.. just please be more active.

Thank you for taking the time to read through _girl_talk_ rules and introduction!! We hope to see you posting soon :)
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