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We love Gir
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This is a community for people who love Gir.

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1.Don't fight with the other mods, if you do you'll be warned and if it continues, you'll be banned.
2.This is a rating community.If you can't handle the critism, then leave.
3.When filling out the application put "You rock, we suck" in the subject, so we know you read the rules.
4.If your rejected you can try agian in a week.
5.You only can comment in your own applications until you are accepted, then feel free to post and comment anywhere else.
6.Respect the mods, and any other members.
7.Every place you promote, gets you an yes, promote up to 5 times-5 yes's.
8.After your application you will be thier rejected or accepted after 2-3 days.
9.Answer all the questions on your application.
10.Post your application withen 48 hours of joining.

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1.Don't vote on race, gender, age or sexuality, if so you will be banned.
2.Be active.
3.Be nice to applicants even if it is a no.
4.You can post anything, even if its about pizza, we don't care, post whatever you want to.

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Promoting will get you points,show us the links,10 points per each promotion link.
Making banners will get you 10 pts. per banned, if it is voted on and decided to be used.
Hunts will get you points-
1-anchovi pizza
2-purple M&M's
4-twix yogurt
5-a peanut butter sandwich
=20 points for each picture-100 all together

1-wilting roses
3-blooming buds
4-butterflys on flowers
5-a blue flower

1-happy Gir
2-sad Gir
3-mad Gir
4-Gir sleeping
5-Gir dancing

Pic Theme You and your bf/gf=15 points per picture

*Poetry contest*-winner decided after 2-3 weeks, wins 200 points
-IDEA- Write a poem about Invader Zim, most be atleast 8 lines long.

Guess Game-Idea of game is to guess what the poem is about:

Hint:Some sort of food

Their are many diffrent kinds
You can practicly have any topping you could want
Its has 3 layers
There are usaully atleast 2 diffrent places to get it in a town

Can you guess what the poem is about?

At the end of each week points will be added and posted, at the end of each month, member with the most points will be made "Member of the Month". Members can use their own points to accept members-300 points to accept one applicant, of your choice.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com there a little messed up now, but still work, so promote!!!

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