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_gilmoregirlsrp's Journal

Gilmore Girls Roleplaying
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1. You must create an LJ for your character. The username shouldn’t be only their name, it should be something unique and fits the character. However, I won’t be too picky about this.
2. You must have AIM and a screen name for your character. Please be on as much as possible for we all know a good RPG stems from this.
3. You may play up to three characters. However, I suggest unless I know you and your rpg skills from somewhere you start by applying for one.
4. Have your first entry written PRIOR to applying, and your screen name too, so when I can accept you I can add that info immediately to the list of taken characters.
5. OOC Drama will not be tolerated. Keep all drama IC. If you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you’re character doesn’t like theirs, also if your character doesn’t like another character it doesn’t mean you have to dislike the Rper.
6. To let me know you’ve read the rules write “you’re having your from here to eternity moment right there in front of the super glue” at the bottom of you’re application.
8. Journals need to be updated on a weekly basis on average. PLEASE update.
9. Comment on everyone else’s journals too. Comments make the world go round.
10. If you want to go on Hiatus, let me know so I don’t cut you.
11. Have a character icon.
12. Please refer to the taken list before applying so you don’t apply for someone unavailable. Also, if there is someone from the show not on the character list you want to apply as go ahead. No original characters will be accepted – at least not right now.
13. We will not be following the show to the T. We can and more than likely will be incorporating things that happen each week, however, players are free to RP. We will be starting with season six, specifically starting with the episode of Jess's appearance (the most recent episode right now).

Rory: but_ima_gilmore AIM hotlikewoahiknow
Lorelai: lorelaixgilmore AIM LLovesCoffee
Lane: xxlovers_lanexx AIM BoyCrush184
Luke: luke_d_00 AIM LUKEtheDINERguy
Jess: read_abook_xx AIM jessxxchillin
Sookie: sookie_love AIM: numberx1xchief
Dean: dean___ AIM: sumthingximxnot
Paris: ms_frenchy AIM: xxmissfrenchyxx

Liz: Rory
Cheryl: Lane
Ash: Jess

Sub-Comm: gilmoregirlsaim

hp__rp Harry Potter RP
sanfran_xrpg PB RPG
_onetreehillrpg Gilmore Girls RP
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