Rory Gilmore (but_ima_gilmore) wrote in _gilmoregirlsrp,
Rory Gilmore

Okay so here's how our character list stands:
Rory: but_ima_gilmore AIM hotlikewoahiknow
Lorelai: lorelaixgilmore AIM LLovesCoffee
Lane: xxlovers_lanexx AIM BoyCrush184
Luke: luke_d_00 AIM LUKEtheDINERguy
Jess: read_abook_xx AIM jessxxchillin
Sookie: sookie_love AIM: numberx1xchief
Dean: dean___ AIM: sumthingximxnot
Paris: ms_frenchy AIM: xxmissfrenchyxx

Feel free to apply as more than one character. I have a limit set at three. However, if you are going to double or triple, its always best to mix it up. You know don't play two people who are in a relationship. Don't play three best friends. Etc.. Play a variety.

Also, please please please promote! I plan on making community banners so they can get posted as promotions in other communities, but right now my computer is broken so I can't. (Speaking of which I just realized fricken Dell didn't sent the box to get my computer back with yet, and it should have been here yesterday).

Pimp our community and I'll looooooove you forever. This community will only get more fun when we get more people :-D

Pimping Contest
Pimp this community and get as many people to apply. The 5 dollar paid account (for any account) for two months will go to the winner. The runner up will get the icon extras added to their account (again for which ever account they choose, doesn't matter). SO PIMP!. I posted and deleted this before because I didn't get any response, but I'm putting it back on the board, extended through December 31st. NOW PIMP!

Sub Community
For some reason I like everything in one post. I guess it is for less clutter. Anyway, there is a sub-comm I started, gilmoregirlsaim, everyone can join, everyone can post, its for any AIM Chats or Convos you want to post. Just for fun. No one is required to post anything or even join it if you don't want.

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