November 10th, 2005

Who so ever does not die 4 love
  • lokojo7

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Put all applications into this post. Put the character you are applying to in the subject line. Once you have posted your application (make sure you have your first entry up and a character aim created) press join community. I will then be able to accept you into the community at the same time as accepting your application (community membership is moderated). Any questions you can leave them here, or send IM to LoKoJo7.

Desired Character:
Character LJ:
Character Aim:
First entry up?:
Why do you want to play them:
Where/how did you hear about this RP?:

List of Characters (major, minor, guest) below the cut - this is a list of all characters NOT only available ones. Make sure to check the user info for the characters taken. THANKS!
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