Toby Keith This Sunday April 20th on A&E Channel's Private Sessions!

  Toby Keith fans???? well he is gonna be on A&E Channel this sunday...a
performance and interview<3
i LOVE him!

got this form their site:
Sunday, Apr.20th 2008 at 9 am Eastern, in an in-depth interview TOBY
KEITH tells all - from his beginnings working the oil fields (as well
as the football fields) to how his life changed after selling more than
20 million albums and becoming one of country music's biggest
superstars. Featuring exclusive performances of "High Maintenance
Woman", "Beer for My Horses", "Who's your Daddy?" and "Love Me if You
Can". Don't miss it!


I just joined this community, and I just wanted to say howdy. My favorite male artists are Clint Black, George Strait, Clay Walker, Blain Larsen, Kenny Chesney. My favorite female artists are Reba McEntire, Trisha Yearwood,Faith Hill, Martina McBride,Rebecca Lyn Howard and Carrie Underwood.
An interesting fact about myself, is back in 2002 I had a barn band called Mary Jo and the cowboys. We're actually getting back together for my wedding next year, but we're missing a few band members, so if anyone plays guitar or sings, and you want to join a band, write me back.
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carrie-im looking for love.


Wow. I dont look for like 3 months and people are actually using this thing. Hot damn.

So far I've seen Alan Jackson/Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney/Gretchen Wilson/Pat Green, and Keith Urban in concert.

What about you guy?
carrie-im looking for love.

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Szum said that people have been e-mailing her so I guess, hopefully, this community is back up and will do better than it did last time...

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