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.:Get Out of My Head:.

Art & Writing of Carly/Dreamaria

Get Out of My Head!
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This is just my little place to put all of my writing and art. I was going to make a website, but that takes way too much time and effort.

Most icons will be public entries. However, some will be friends only, like everything else in this journal.

If you want to be able to read it, just click the join community thingy up there. Several other people I know have run their writing/art journals as such, and I find it the most effective. My art and writing mean a lot to me, and I want to know who's viewing it. If you're a friend of mine, I don't mind, but if you're someone I don't know, I probably won't mind either, just comment on the Friends Only post and introduce yourself before I add you.

You have to be approved to join. When you click the "join community" link, I think it'll ask you if you realize you're joining a closed community, just keep going through it until it says something about the maintainers being contacted. That just means it sent me an email of your request to join, and I'll 99.9% approve, unless you're someone I don't like..or something. That means you won't be able to see the entries as soon as you join. Just wait a while and eventually [like within a few hours or days] I'll approve of your request and then you can read and look at all of my art and writings to your little hearts content.

As for the writing/art...

The writing is usually that of any fandom I like, occasionally original pieces as well. Some, actually most, of it may contain femmeslash [girl/girl pairings] so if you don't like it, skip over those. Pairings include but are not limited to: Ada/Ruby [Cold Mountain], Christian/Satine [Moulin Rouge], & Roxie/Velma [Chicago] for now.

There's only one chaptered story I'm working on right now. "So Unaware of The World", an Ada/Ruby fic that is kind of a WYDS [What You Didn't See] of the movie, and only the movie, as I haven't read the book yet, but plan to read the book, perfer the movie.

Other things will pop up occasionally, ficlets and the like.

The Art usually consists of pictures of my original characters, and gifts for my friends, of their characters. Other things, maybe, I dunno. I write more than I draw nowadays.

Upcoming Fanfics //

[2] Chicago //Roxie/Velma
[1] Cold Mountain /songfic/ //Ada/Ruby
[1] |possible| Cold Mountain //Ada/Ruby
[1] Moulin Rouge! //Nini/Satine