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I'm not even sure how to feel...

Here's the history-
I have been with my husband for a total of 5 and a half years (3 yrs dating, 2 and a half married). We're both 22 yrs old. He's a Marine and he's getting out of the Corps in about a year from now.

(And please, no one give me that whole "Well, you should have talked about this before you got married" thing. It was known between us our whole relationship that we wanted to have children eventually... it only started changing after he joined up.)

My husband and I have gone back and forth about having a baby since we got married. We finally ended up on that we were going to wait a few more years; at least 3 or 4. I was talking to my friend and she told me about something her husband told her- 3 of our friends and my husband were sitting around one day about 2 months ago (in Iraq) and the guys got to joking that I was gonna be the next one to get pregnant, b/c all of our friends have children. They've said this before and I always found it funny. So the next time I e-mailed my husband, I said something about it and how I found it amusing and all. He writes back saying that he doesn't want kids and that maybe one day he will but as far as he's concerned, right now he doesn't want kids ever. Now, he's never said to me before that he never wants to have kids.
I'm getting really... anxious; I guess that's the right word. I don't know how sure he really is about "never" having kids, but I want to start having my family around the time I'm 25-27 years old. I'm just really worried right now that I might have wasted the last 6 years of my life with a man who I have no future with. I want children, that's not something I can just let go. And I love my husband more than anything... but right now all I can think is that I might have to leave the man that I love b/c he doesn't want children.
How long am I supposed to wait before I make this decision? If he tells me now that he is 100% positive that he doesn't want kids and then 2 years from now he changes his mind again... What am I supposed to do?
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