elizabeth rose (thereallizfresh) wrote in _getoffmychest,
elizabeth rose

User Name: thereallizfresh
Name: Elizabeth Rose
Birthdate/Age: May 3 / doesn't matter
Interests: Ballet, chorus, Greek, Grey's Anatomy, art, creating, writing, sleeping, photoshop, eating and shopping.
Favorite things: Rock music, jeans, lined paper, my art class, school, The Beatles, people who tell me i'm right, bands with girl singers, sweatshirts, TCHS Chior and all it's members, pretzels, sleeping in late, not wearing shoes, candy, and people who listen to be bitch about things.
Can we friend your personal journals?: My journal is friends only, you have to comment to be added and I won't add if you're never going to talk to me. That's just a popularity contest I don't want to be part of.
And any additional information that you'd think we'd like to know: When I'm pissed, I'm PISSED. I don't understand the meaning of "calm down". I am not stupid, so please don't tell me I am. I treat people with the same amount of respect that they treat me. Common decency is a great thing to have, if you don't, get some before you talk to me please. I get mad really easily. I'm stubborn as hell.

I've liked this guy for about five months all because his grandmother told me he said I was cute. And he's mad cute. WE'VE NEVER TALKED. EVER. Today he came up and stood behind me for like freaking two minutes like he was going to say something to me. I got my hopes up and as soon as I turned around, he walked away. I'm so mad about it. He was walking away and I wanted to pull him back by the collar of his shirt and just scream at him louder than I ever have. Ever. He pisses me off and I want to hate him but I can't bring myself to do it. Is my reasoning wrong or is he a jerk for making me hold my breath and not talking to me if he finds me attractive. It isn't like he's shy, he isn't by any strech of the imagination. So if he thinks I'm attractive than he can most certianly talk to me, right? Well, apparently not. I just want to kill him so I could stop being so hung up on him. I know you're going to say "move on". I've tried so many times, and it works. But then I see him again and I'm right back where I started. He's basically the compliation of anything I've ever liked in a guy, all in one person. There's, what, one person like that in the whole world. And, of course, he won't talk to me. And I'm sure as hell not talking to him. I'll kill him... Today I just wished I could throw rocks at him until his messed up brain leaked out his ears and he died. And that sounds violent, but for what this moron has caused me, it's more than compassionate. And it sounds pessimistic and self-centered and all that shit. But I can't not be mad about it. This kid is ruining my life. And I'm too blindly hypnotized by him to do a damn thing about it. Not like I could. I wish he would just die, or move away so I could stop this. I would be much happier and better off and my friends would talk to me again... Whatever, he's ruining my life.

I feel so horribly violent right now...
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