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i realize i sound really mean, but i'm just angry.

i hate her.
i hate her, i hate her, i hate her.
i know i shouldn't, since i don't REALLY know her.
but i do.

has anyone ever had that feeling, where you look at someone, or read a comment they post, and you just KNOW you won't like them?
i know that sounds really terrible to say.
but she's that person for me.
reading the things she posts on his wall... makes me go, "seriously? who SAYS that?!"
she's so annoying.

and i didn't like her before i knew they were anything.
when i found out, it just added to the dislike.

i hate the fact that she has the man of my dreams.
i hate the fact that they're together, when she goes to college in a different state.
i hate the fact that i could have had him, but went away for a few months, and then they were dating.
i hate her boring hair.
i hate her forced smile.
i hate that he told me he wanted me to be his girlfriend, but then when i went away, it was like he settled for her.
i hate her mediocrity.
i hate that he still calls and texts me all the time, it just confuses me.
i hate that he will immediately message me when he sees im online.
i hate the fact that he and i are literally, the perfect match, and she doesn't have anything in common with him.
when he and i first met, i thought that he was too good to be true.
i mean, it was like talking/hanging out with myself, we're so alike.
we buy the same clothes, the same food, the same music, the same EVERYTHING, without knowing it, then realize it when we talk.

it's like we were meant to be.
but no.
she ruined it.
i effing hate her.

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