kismekiki17 (kismekiki17) wrote in _getoffmychest,

what makes a slut?

What makes a slut?

The ideal promiscuous beauty

Maybe the one who labels it

And thinks she can see right through me

Why is it always

Just girls who get the guy

Even if you’re the one

Who does everyone in sight

Now that just isn’t right

That word is always thrown around

Like a football so their tears

Represent the touch down

That poor girl didn’t do a thing

But all these jerks are lined up

Because you spread she was easy

So doesn’t that make you the whore

Maybe not with your body

But you’re counterfeit words

You just love to see them hurt

The girls with their 9-month bellies

Hidden under their shirt

So is that what makes a skank

Just cause it’s harder for her

To hide her mistakes

Yet you’re recent mistakes have made you a wreck

And she’s the one

Who’s protecting your rep


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