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Acceptance and Tolerance.

This bothers me. I've been thinking about it for a few days..I guess it's a preference thing or whatnot. How is it that I am "unintelligent" just because I'm not like someone else? My intelligence is based off of different things other than what famous person quotes what phrase or some stupid song. Just because I'm not into most modern music..these people get annoyed with me because I am different. Because I am innocent or whatever.

What I am saying is some people don't step back and take a look at the positives of what makes me, ME. Heck when it comes to gardening,hunting,crafting,medicine,artwork,music composition. I happen to think I am pretty good, and am quite a skeptic critic about my work. Everyone has something they are good at. Perhaps I appear a little flighty, that's just the outside of me.

Underneath, I am a different person. Yes, stupid things make me laugh, like that mountain dew/Halo 3 commericial...well most people don't get it, but I DO. I know exactly what they people are saying in those languages, so yeah, it's funny.

I love to analyze things. I think I agree with he who shall not be named in that my mind really is on a level scientific. When I compose music, I hear it in my mind as if it where the Philharmonic symphony playing between my ears, everything...the beats, the rests, the crescendos, the sound of the bow touching the violin, the fingering of the flutes and clarinets..I hear this so crisply I cannot even put it into words.

when I study medicine, I put together formulas and it's almost the same as composing. Heck if I knew psychics, I could possibly study engineering of cures. If I was "stupid" or "ditsy" I could not even begin to comprehend these things. Part of me wants to scream, "Why are you not taking all of me into consideration? Why must you judge me without even taking the time to know me as a person?" more importantly HOW can one do that? Certain people close the door in my face, are blatantly rude to me, just because I am not like them. When they are the ones preaching acceptance. What a fucking joke.

Sometimes though, I just need to be silly. And that's ok. There are plenty of people in the world that would enjoy my friendship. Friendships are beautiful, and I treasure them, maybe a little too much. Yes, I am sensitive, yes I overreact, yes I am passionate to my causes. WHAT ARTIST ISN'T!!! So. Why should I care what certain persons say about me. It just hurts. The insults. The put downs. Exc..I'm just sick of it, I don't need it. Why can those people not accept me for WHO I am? Honestly why do I even care? I'm open minded, I don't judge people for what they are. I think that is just wrong. The things that make us unique are beautiful and wonderful. Fuck everyone who thinks different. It is then that you truly see just who is a real friend and who seeks to change you.
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