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please help?

hi, um, i'm new here. =)
im sort of nervous about posting this, because the other community i posted it in told me that this is a pointless rant & to delete my entry, but this seems like the place to post it. here goes:

i still am not sure of how he feels about me.
and no, i can't just ask.

everyone agrees that he likes me, it's obvious.
except for me.
idk, maybe i dont think he could like me, because im not gorgeous.

ughh, it's frustrating though.
he begs me to come hang out with him, and i can't yet.
i need to score a job first so that i can afford the gas trip out there, especially since my car is a gas-guzzler, and plus im grounded for now.

he gets disappointed when i tell him i can't.
he never lets us go longer than 4 days without some sort of conversation [[i.e: myspace message, text, phone call]]
he complains that i dont talk to him enough.
he calls me from vacations, 47 states away from me, when he's having the time of his life, he still makes time to call me.
he calls me randomly to ask my opinion about the sports game for that day, since he knows i watch.
he never ignores my calls, and i barely have to call him because he always calls me first...
he still wants to hang out with me after he's gone to school all day and then played a long baseball game.
he asks me to hang out with him seriously everday, even on friday nights.
i live like, 25 minutes away.

you'd think if he just wanted to hang out with someone, he'd call some of his guy friends [or even his friends that are girls] that live closer... right?
he wouldn't waste his time calling me, especially when i have to keep declining... unless he likes me?
i mean, he's been asking me since january.

ugh this is confusing.
i dont know. i do kind of feel like he really likes me, because we have so much in common, and i mean EVERYTHING... but then he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend, so idk how he can.
everyone says that it seems like he's not sure of my feelings for him, especially since i always say no to hanging out.
they say that he probably doesn't understand why i can't make an exception to see him.
they say that he probably just thinks that im avoiding him on purpose, and that's why he's never asked me to be his gf.
i wish i knew how he felt.

opinions? does he like me?
[[ be honest but nice, please]]

-- if this is too long and should be put under a cut, let me know and i'll fix it, cause i didn't know if this counts as too long or not. =/
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