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The search continues...

So far, in the weeks that I've been looking for a new job, I've applied to quite a few.

You know how many have called me back? 3.

One of them called to tell me that they felt that I wouldn't be happy with their company, another to ask me questions and then say that they might call me for an interview if they feel that I'm qualified, and the last from a guy who won't return my phone calls.

He'd left me a message, said that he liked my resume, he wanted to speak to me about the job, and asked me to call him back. So I called yesterday...nothing.

Called today...he's in a meeting. Probably won't return my call.

My boss is literally on the road, coming back from his business trip, and I'm sick to my stomach. I don't want to see him, let alone work for him anymore.

I need a lot of thoughts, prayers, wishes, etc. that I get an interview soon. I'm starting to get very nervous...
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