I'm a virgin be gentle!

User Name: c_cret20
Name: Bree
Birthdate/Age: 19
Interests: Wow...forgot what these are with work and school :( Um I guess music, being with family, and laughing

Favorite things:  Warm rain it makes me want to cry, in a good way

Can we friend your personal journals? sure!

And any additional information that you'd think we'd like to know: I joined cause I already type all my feelings into word documents and read over it again and again and then delete it. And I'm new to LJ.


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I'm not even sure how to feel...

Here's the history-
I have been with my husband for a total of 5 and a half years (3 yrs dating, 2 and a half married). We're both 22 yrs old. He's a Marine and he's getting out of the Corps in about a year from now.

(And please, no one give me that whole "Well, you should have talked about this before you got married" thing. It was known between us our whole relationship that we wanted to have children eventually... it only started changing after he joined up.)

My husband and I have gone back and forth about having a baby since we got married. We finally ended up on that we were going to wait a few more years; at least 3 or 4. I was talking to my friend and she told me about something her husband told her- 3 of our friends and my husband were sitting around one day about 2 months ago (in Iraq) and the guys got to joking that I was gonna be the next one to get pregnant, b/c all of our friends have children. They've said this before and I always found it funny. So the next time I e-mailed my husband, I said something about it and how I found it amusing and all. He writes back saying that he doesn't want kids and that maybe one day he will but as far as he's concerned, right now he doesn't want kids ever. Now, he's never said to me before that he never wants to have kids.
I'm getting really... anxious; I guess that's the right word. I don't know how sure he really is about "never" having kids, but I want to start having my family around the time I'm 25-27 years old. I'm just really worried right now that I might have wasted the last 6 years of my life with a man who I have no future with. I want children, that's not something I can just let go. And I love my husband more than anything... but right now all I can think is that I might have to leave the man that I love b/c he doesn't want children.
How long am I supposed to wait before I make this decision? If he tells me now that he is 100% positive that he doesn't want kids and then 2 years from now he changes his mind again... What am I supposed to do?
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User Name: muid
Name: stacey
Birthdate/Age: 25
Interests: hesitation
Favorite things: money, school, friends
Can we friend your personal journals? sure
And any additional information that you'd think we'd like to know: this is a new journal

I just broke up with this guy. messy break up. we dated for 6 weeks. yes 6 weeks, and for soem reason, I just can't stop thinking about him. I think about him all the time. I sometimes do things on purpose to make him think things. Usually when I break up with someone (as I did in this relationship) I get over it, I move on. Whatever.

But, I don't want to get back with him the relationship didn't work, I just miss him.

in a funk......time for emo pity party

 User Name: xblissfulyouthx
Name: Jon
Birthdate/Age: 20 years old
Interests: slacking, procrastinating, being emo, obsessing about life, doubting everything, finding answers, talking
Favorite things:family, friends, sleep, partying....i like to flirt between both polar opposites
Can we friend your personal journals? If you want to....at your own risk
And any additional information that you'd think we'd like to know: I am on livejournal sporatically.....so i may post like a bajillion entries in a week than not be on for a week or so........my livejournal is where i get out my dark side...where i write about my problems......in an attempt to get it out.......or figure it out........

In a funk....behind in classes.......skipping classes....my weak lazy nature has finally caught up with me.....i know the solution...i just don't want to do it...i want to give up....sink into my bed where in my comfortable sleep world I can escape my troubles ive brought upon myself...thats true laziness there people....true laziness....true irresponsibility....true weakness...its so pathetic....IM so pathetic....yet i don't have the will or self-discipline to get a hold of myself....im a lost cause....waste of time, breath, space.....don't worry i don't have the will to do anything bad....im that low....so much work to do....don't feel like ill ever get caught up...All this is my fault....I could've so easily prevent or fix this yet I don't want to....isn't that wierd? .....i don't pity myself...i hate myself....yet im a wussy little bitch who has emo pity partys all the time....that makes me hate myself more....yet i won't change...wierd.....I always want to take the easy way out of responsibility, work, or anything requiring effort...its like i love being moppey and pitiful and whiny and all self-woe-is-me, maybe its cuz i don't want to face reality. Interesting. Sad.

...i always try to take the easy way  outta things...ditching any work or effort or responsibility that comes my way....i get myself into a rut and then whine about it when its all my damn fault....I  hope anyone who reads this will give me a big slap in the face and tell me to grow up and stop being such a lame little emo bitch, get it together and get some self-discipline......god knows i need it
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User Name: thereallizfresh
Name: Elizabeth Rose
Birthdate/Age: May 3 / doesn't matter
Interests: Ballet, chorus, Greek, Grey's Anatomy, art, creating, writing, sleeping, photoshop, eating and shopping.
Favorite things: Rock music, jeans, lined paper, my art class, school, The Beatles, people who tell me i'm right, bands with girl singers, sweatshirts, TCHS Chior and all it's members, pretzels, sleeping in late, not wearing shoes, candy, and people who listen to be bitch about things.
Can we friend your personal journals?: My journal is friends only, you have to comment to be added and I won't add if you're never going to talk to me. That's just a popularity contest I don't want to be part of.
And any additional information that you'd think we'd like to know: When I'm pissed, I'm PISSED. I don't understand the meaning of "calm down". I am not stupid, so please don't tell me I am. I treat people with the same amount of respect that they treat me. Common decency is a great thing to have, if you don't, get some before you talk to me please. I get mad really easily. I'm stubborn as hell.

Read at your own discretion. Seriously.Collapse )

I feel so horribly violent right now...

Intro + rant

I find it odd - see, I just created this LiveJournal (I've been a member of the site for years, but I've moved between journals. Deleted my last one recently and created this new one today), and before anything else, even my first post in my own shiny new LJ, I'm posting in a community, a venting community. Strange.

So, the vitals:

User Name: tonberrycake
Name: Is it alright if I don't offer it? Just think of me as That Guy.
Birthdate/Age: 12-2-86, 21 years old.
Interests: Music, singing, anime, reality TV (some competitions, and some documentary stuff like The First 48 or MythBusters), video games, writing, CSI: New York, reading.
Favorite things: CSI: New York, numerous video games (Suikoden in particular), Dance Dance Revolution, Asian guys, pop music, discussing music, sleeping, and reading good fanfics.
Can we friend your personal journals?: The community itself? I suppose. The members? We'll see, I like to get to know people first.
And any additional information that you'd think we'd like to know: I talk, a lot. I'm also not much of a religious person (even though I believe in karma and realize it's kicking my ass) And I have a lot to get off my chest, and it all won't be covered in one entry, I can promise you that.

So! Let's get cracking, shall we?

The gist of one of my big problems.Collapse )

God, that was a load off my shoulders. To anyone who read, thanks for reading, overlong as it was. Any advice I'll try to take to heart, but... well, you saw how I am in those posts.

I'm going to cross-post this to a few other communities, if that's all right. I just want all the help I can get here. I want to die, but I want to hang on, you know? It's... very confusing.
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Life sucks.

User Name: celialove
Name: Classified, just call me Celia
Birthdate: January 14, 1986. I'm 22.
Interests: Reading, politics
Favorite things: Books, anything related to sex or politics
Can we friend your personal journals? Sure.
And any additional information that you'd think we'd like to know:

My Livejournal is friends only. If you add me, I'll add you on the first of the next month. Otherwise I forget to check my info page and never know you friended me.

I don't know how much I'll be posting here--I'm generally a happy person who loves life. But sometimes, I just need to vent. I'm the type of person who posts according to need, so even if no one else is reading, I'll probably post here if something sucks.

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what makes a slut?

What makes a slut?

The ideal promiscuous beauty

Maybe the one who labels it

And thinks she can see right through me

Why is it always

Just girls who get the guy

Even if you’re the one

Who does everyone in sight

Now that just isn’t right

That word is always thrown around

Like a football so their tears

Represent the touch down

That poor girl didn’t do a thing

But all these jerks are lined up

Because you spread she was easy

So doesn’t that make you the whore

Maybe not with your body

But you’re counterfeit words

You just love to see them hurt

The girls with their 9-month bellies

Hidden under their shirt

So is that what makes a skank

Just cause it’s harder for her

To hide her mistakes

Yet you’re recent mistakes have made you a wreck

And she’s the one

Who’s protecting your rep