New up in here!

Wassup everyone?! I jus came across this community and thought hey ima join since I really like listenin to Crunk (Ciara especially) but I mosty like all tha down south Hip-Hop...T.I., Dem Franchize Boyz, UNK etc. I jus luv somethin with a good phat beat to dance to or bob my head to ;)

Agnes :)
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hey yall...I'm new here...
i'm a little white girl from orlando florida, but i know how to get crunk man...
i'm the captain of this tyte dance team called V.I.P. that i have been on for three years and everyone else is either spanish or black....just so you know...i wanted to join this community cause i love lil jon, southern rap and the occasional b-40....alright well holla at me

hope yall don't mind a new member!

Look out for Lil Jon's new album on the 16th...its so tyte...go to and click on the music heading and listen to the whole album...i'm glad i found that out b/c its so fresh!

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