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Get A Journal

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_GetAJournal_ is a request community for people who want to get a journal at sites that require invite codes such as Deadjournal or NeedlessPanic.

JournalFen only allows users 18 or older to join their site. You can get an account there by purchasing one or going here and meeting a few requirements

Some people also just give away codes because they're nice. :)


  • ALWAYS be courteous. No one has to give you anything.

  • Don't go to people's personal journals and ask them for codes its just down right rude.

  • Please do not post the actual codes.

  • No code collecting. It 's not fair to the other people who haven't gotten invites.

  • If you wish to donate codes or journals you can e-mail me at Get.A.Journal@gmail.com with the subject as "Journal/Invite Donation".

  • No trading of stolen journals

  • Follow the journal sites Terms of Service

Request form
When making a request for a new journal please include...

wanted journal at:

preferred username:

backup usernames:

email address:

Are you over 13, 18 for JournalFen, MM/DD/YY:

Please note: user name MUST be 15 characters or less, include no spaces, and be in lowercase. Underscores (_) are fine.

Also make sure that your journal USERNAME IS NOT TAKEN because if it is then you are stuck with whatever name is created for you.

Please do not request a journal you aren't going to use. It's a waste of space and time

Code Donors


Thanks for the codes!!!


LiveJournal's Get A Journal

DeadJournal's Get A Journal

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