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August 19th, 2007

wanted journal at: DeadJournal or Journalfen, whichever I get first. Lostjournal would be a nice extra and I will find use for it.

preferred username: lordofcarnage

backup username: rosesofdestruction

backup username 2: roseschaosdeath

email address: fallensun@gmail.com

Reason for journal: As a hobby. I need to move my horror fantasy fiction for back-up, but I'll use it for personal rants too mostly on fiction and literature and fandom related rants.

Are you over 13 of so when is your birthday MM/DD/YY: Old enough to write about cannibals, 12/15/1987, I'm 19. I'm not being sarcastic, honest!

Are you aware that it may take a week or long to get this journal because the code that is being generated is going to be used for someone else's journal?: By the time you give me the code, I'll finish my novel, so that's plenty of time away~!

In exchange this is your reward: It's optional and you just have to ask. If you don't want it, don't ask. You could only choose just one.

If you're on neopets, I'll give away neopoints:

25, 000 NP for the DJ. 40,000 if a lostjournal is included.

35,000+ for JournalFen alone.

65,000 for a DJ, Lostjournal, and a Journalfen.


The LJ: Only if I get a DJ and LostJournal activation code together or 1 for journalfen. Whoo, I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a nasty dealer, right?

The LJ is deflower a very nice LJ name don't you think? I will not easily give away to just anyone. Before giving me the 2 codes or that journalfen code, you'll have to give me a short personal statement (could be +50 words) in what you're using this LJ for. If it's a good reason, then I'll part with it nice and easy as soon I get the 2 journals or the journalfen account up.

Got DJ and LoJ, thank you! ♥

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