April 11th, 2007

Loking for a DeadJournal invite code please

wanted journal at: DeadJournal

preferred username: culthero

backup username: culthero666

backup username 2: cult_hero

email address: culthero@darkness.com

Reason for journal: I've been looking for awhile.

Are you over 13 of so when is your birthday MM/DD/YY:Well over 13. 12/21/74

Are you aware that it may take a week or long to get this journal because the code that is being generated is going to be used for someone else's journal?: Yep, though all I really need is the activation code.

I would very much appreciate if someone could get me a code. Thanks.

I would like to thank my anonymous friend who so kindly gave me a code. It is most appreciated. I shall be sure to do the same for someone else whenever I get invite codes. In the meantime if anyone is looking for a Gmail invite just let me know and I'll be more then happy to pass them on.