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I'm pretty sure that you all are tired of seeing this but I still have plenty of LostJournal codes that needed to be given away. So comment with a working email address and one will be sent your way. I'm trying to get rid of these things as fast as they are being generate. So won't you help me by taking one. Pretty please with sugar on top?

Please don't comment asking for a code if A) you already have one and are pretending to be someone else. I'll find out. B) you are not going to use the journal or C) asking for a code for another journal site. This is not the entry for doing that.

All these generated codes I have need a good home. So why don't you give them a good home by leaving a working email so a LostJournal Code will be sent right your way. =)

You know you wanna come and join theLostJournal family. =D We're all friendly and we don't bite, at least not all of us. ;D
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