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I still have plenty of LostJournal codes that needed to be given away. So you know what the deal is right? Comment with a working email address and one will be sent your way.

Please don't comment asking for a code if A) you already have one and are pretending to be someone else. I'll find out. B) you are not going to use the journal or C) asking for a code for another journal site. This is not the entry for this.

Now that we have got that out of the way let's get start to business. All these codes I have need a good home. So go right ahead and starting leaving your email addresses and a LostJourna Code will be sent right your way. =)

You know you wanna come and join theLostJournal family. =D We're all friendly and we don't bite, at least not all of us. ;D

Don't forget that leaving the ads on in your journal helps the site out.
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