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Geri Halliwell

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This is the community dedicated to Geri Halliwell.
We will always have the latest Geri stuff before anybody else.
Be sure to tell your friends about this community!

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"Can I start again?"
"In your own time, Ms Halliwell."

In May 1998, a 25-year-old woman walked out of her job, and it made world news. But then, it was quite a job. Geri Halliwell was cheerleader, rabble-rouser, bottom-pincher, pop advocate and larger-than-life cartoon character Ginger Spice in the biggest group of the Nineties, the Spice Girls. Yet when she quit, her future seemed uncertain. Some even said bleak.

But that, of course, was before her first solo album ‘Schizophonic’ went double platinum. Before the first single from that album (‘Look At Me’) made number two in the charts, to be followed by four consecutive number one singles (‘Mi Chico Latino’, ‘Lift Me Up’, ‘Bag It Up’ and ‘It’s Raining Men’). Before her first book ‘If Only’ became a best-seller (becoming the UK’s biggest selling autobiography of 1999, with sales to date in excess of 450,000 copies). Before Geri proved that her success was no fluke, and that she has an unerring instinct for what the girl on the street (and the boy on the dancefloor) wants to hear. Because, of course, it’s what she wants to hear herself.

At a time when real pop stars are in short supply, Geri Halliwell is the genuine article. ‘I’ve always loved pop music,’ she declares. ‘Pop became a dirty word for a while, but it doesn’t have to be crap. It doesn’t have to be manufactured, soulless, heartless. There is soulful pop out there that is running on a heartbeat and a lot of fire and energy.’

Growing up in Watford, Geraldine Estelle Halliwell’s early musical education consisted of miming to Madonna records in front of her bedroom mirror, listening to Abba, Michael Jackson, Wham! and her dad’s collection of show tunes: Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Bassey. And loving it all with a passion. ‘Then I did a degree in pop,’ she laughs. ‘I was in the Spice Girls. And now I feel like I’m doing my thesis.’

Having spent 2000 working on her second album, 2001 saw Geri back with a vengeance, with ‘It’s Raining Men’ entering the UK charts at number one in April; (her 11th, giving her the record for the most number one’s by a female artist in the UK). The single, from the soundtrack of ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’, went on to become a worldwide hit, selling in excess of 1.8 million copies and scoring top five chart positions around the world. Her second album, ‘Scream If You Wanna Go Faster’ was released in the summer of 2001 and saw Geri working with some of the biggest producers in pop, including Steve Lipson and Rick Nowels. Further Top 10 singles, ‘Scream If You Wanna Go Faster’ and ‘Calling’ followed hard on the album’s heels.
Autumn 2001 saw the release of a health and fitness video, ‘Geri Yoga’. Featuring Geri and her yoga instructor taking viewers through a serious of workouts, the video was an instant hit, becoming the fastest selling health and fitness video in the UK. A second video, ‘Geri Body Yoga’ followed in 2002, as well as a second autobiographical book, entitled ‘Just For The Record’, which quickly became a Top 10 bestseller.

2002 also saw Geri branching out into TV presenting work, when she secured a role as one of the judges in the hugely popular reality TV series ‘Popstars: The Rivals’, working alongside Pete Waterman and Louis Walsh. In the US, Geri has presented a network reality series, ‘All American Girl’, recorded a cameo role in ‘Sex In The City’ and guest presented on a number of celebrity shows.

As well as her numerous day jobs, Geri is also heavily committed to charity work. In 1998, she was made a UN Goodwill Ambassador and has since visited the Philippines and addressed international conferences in New York, Paris and London. Geri also works tirelessly for Breast Cancer Care, who made her a Patron in 2000, along with Cherie Blair. Geri has donated all the royalties of the hardback version of ‘If Only’ to the charity and annually launches Breast Cancer Awareness Month, on behalf of the charity. Geri is also an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, Prince Charles’ charitable organisation, and regularly attends events in this capacity.

2004 saw Geri return to the UK to finish recording her third solo album, having spent the previous 18 months in Los Angeles. Following her first public appearance at ‘Party In The Park’ in July, where she co-presented the event for Channel 5 with Duncan James from Blue, this Autumn is set to be a very busy one for Ms Halliwell.

In September, Geri will be hosting and performing at a charity concert for Breast Cancer Care at the Royal Albert Hall, also featuring performances from the likes of Tom Jones and Natasha Bedingfield. Then in November, Geri will release her eagerly anticipated new single ‘Ride It’. The track is the first new material Geri has released in three years and comes from her forthcoming third solo album, due for release in early 2005.

Passion (Album)
Released: June 6, 2005

"Desire (CD1, CD2, & DVD Single)"
Released: May 30, 2005

“Ride It (CD1 & CD2)”
Released: November 22, 2004

“Calling (CD1 & CD2)”
Released: November 26, 2001

“Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (CD1 & CD2)”
Released: July 30, 2001

Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (Album)
Released: May 14, 2001

“It’s Raining Men (CD1 & CD2)”
Released: April 30, 2001

“Bag It Up (CD1 & CD2)”
Released: March 13, 2000

“Lift Me Up (CD1 & CD2)”
Released: November 1, 1999

“Mi Chico Latino (CD1 & CD2)”
Released: August 16, 1999

Schizophonic (Album)
Released: June 7, 1999

“Look At Me”
Released: May 10, 1999

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