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Hey Everyone!

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I wanted a chance for Geri fans to see this and not just randoms on Ebay.

So many many years ago I entered a competition with Top of The Pops magazine and I won the following; 

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Addicts' session for Geri

SPICE GIRL GERI HALLIWELL yesterday attended a private addiction clinic AND an over-eaters’ group.

Geri, 34, who has admitted battling bulimia in the past, looked puffy and tired as she made her way between the London sessions.

Accompanied by pet shitzu Harry, she spent 15 minutes at the West End’s Life Works facility, which tackles a range of addictions.

Geri, who will join a Spice Girls reunion tour this winter, then spent an hour at Over/Under Eaters Anonymous.
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I will get you spice and thin!

STICK-thin Victoria Beckham has put her fellow Spice Girls on a strict diet.

Posh, 33, wants to get them in top shape for their comeback tour.

A slimming source told new! magazine: “Victoria has told the girls her secret to staying trim is 200 sit-ups a day and a diet of edamame beans, strawberries and lettuce.

“She is the most apprehensive of all the girls about getting back together because her image in America is important to her.”

Victoria follows a regime that has helped her slim to a UK size four.

And she wants the band to stick to seaweed shakes, egg-white omelettes, fruit and edamame beans. At a slap-up dinner to celebrate 32-year-old husband David’s last match for Real Madrid, Posh reportedly nibbled on pineapple chunks and strawberries.

But the other Spices may not be so keen on her strict diet.

Sporty Mel C, 33, recently admitted she was too thin last time the band were big and said: “I was underweight and my image was unhealthy.” And Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell has also been prone to dangerous dieting and over-exercising.

The 34-year-old singer, a curvy size eight, confessed: “My weight has ranged from six-and-a-half stone upwards, but I have never felt really comfortable – until now.”

Baby Spice Emma Bunton, 31, is heavily pregnant and Scary Mel B, 32, now much curvier, is busy partying on the London club scene.

A spokesman for the girls said: “This is not the sort of thing the band would be instructed on by anyone.”
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DANCING WITH THE STARS judge BRUNO TONIOLI has urged VICTORIA BECKHAM and GERI HALLIWELL to forget about dancing on the SPICE GIRLS forthcoming reunion tour. The nineties five-piece are reuniting for a goodbye world tour later this year (07) and Tonioli isn't expecting to see any improvement in Posh Spice or Ginger Spice's dance skills since the last time they performed as a group. Tonioli, who judged Spice Girl Emma Bunton on Dancing With The Stars' British predecessor Strictly Coming Dancing, tells Closer magazine, "Oh my God, can you imagine working with those five? All you could get Posh to do is point and pout. "Three of them can cut it, but Posh and Geri - please! One shops, the other shouts."