Hi Peeps.. =]

So I'm pretty much new to this community, but I'm a Gemini!!! My birthday is June 19th..

Anyways...just here to make some friends and all...since lj is a completely new world from xanga and such...


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Like the icon says...


I can't believe there's a community here just for Geminis! Awesome:)

My birthday's June 21st, and the only reason I know so much about being a Gemini, is because my best friend, who was also born under this sign (May 31st), got me into it.

On most online things 'gemini' is part of my username. This one's different though.
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My favorite horoscope is Rob Brezney's Free Will Astrology. Here is what he has to say about Gemini this week...

Many Geminis fit the description of a class of people that Wired magazine calls "yeppies," or "young experimenting perfection seekers." Overwhelmed by a profusion of conflicting opportunities, they are restless and insatiable. They treat life "as an exercise in comparison shopping, refusing to commit for fear of missing a better offer." While this approach is pretty normal for your tribe, I suspect it won't work as well in 2006 as it has for you in the past. That's why I urge you to try out some very different attitudes: a tolerance for imperfection, a respect for limits, an appreciation for the value of peace of mind, and a willingness to concentrate on just two or three possibilities instead of 17.
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At least to this community anyway. I've been a Gemini since 5/22/68. I have to confess that the Bull tends to come through quite a bit and I'm not as talkative as Gemini's tend to be classified. And having been born in 68 I am also a monkey, so i guess that makes me twin monkeys.

hey all

New to this group, but no to LJ. Let's see. Born June 1, 1969. Been married for 8 years. No kids yet, but we'll see what fate has in store for us. Livin the dream in Rockville, MD.
here kitty kitty

Just a little poem!!

Just a little poem I wrote. Thought I would post it here along with in personal journal.

I am light.
Bright and sunny.
Full of love and hope.
Smiles and sweetness.
Passion and kisses.
Happiness and sweet words.

I am dark.
Mean and nasty.
Full of hatred and spite.
Frowns and snarls.
Hopeless and cynical.
Rage and angry words.

I am two.
I am light and dark.
Good and bad.
Happy and sad.
Nice and mean.

I am Gemini.
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